We are a full-service firm of interior designers committed to creating thoughtfully planned and curated spaces.
We tackle a wide range of residential and boutique commercial projects from concept to completion: everything from complex full renovations, new construction projects, commercial build-outs to smaller kitchen & bath remodels.
Our work scope includes space planning, drafting, and material selections for interior finishes. We select and procure furniture and lighting as well as create custom design solutions - everything to create a unique interior world.

We pay close attention to our clients’ needs, functionally as well as aesthetically. And, it's our most important goal that our interiors promote wellbeing and convey a sense of place and belonging.

we're all about creating memorable spaces that focus on wellbeing.

I was born and raised in Germany; then studied Architecture and Structural Engineering at universities in Germany, Scotland, and the US. After working as a designer in the Bay Area for a few years, I relocated to Sacramento to build a family. It's also where I founded Haven Studios in 2015.

I LOVE being an interior designer and running a creative business. My biggest joys are visiting trade shows and the initial space planning phase followed by developing the visual feel and aesthetic of any given space we design. I care very much how environments shape us; how they can make us feel and how they can support us on an everyday basis. It's my highest goal to improve the environment in which our client's live, work, and play, so that they can live their best lives.

I live, think, and breathe design most waking hours of my day. You'll also find me traveling with a passion, practicing yoga, and trying to keep up with my 9-year old daughter. 

A few things about the founder ...

We also operate as a purchasing agent, supporting other interior designers with their purchases. We’re in the process of creating a showroom to grow and offer custom furniture to the trade. For more information, please contact us or head over to our sister company CARA + Co. 

Our approach To Interior Design

I always start with the question of how do you want to feel?
No matter if we're designing a home or the interior for a business, there's always an identity that we want to understand and portray through our design. We strive to make that sense of identity obvious to anyone present in the interiors we design. That's our big picture goal and it remains front and center throughout every detail in the design process. 

let's get started.

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