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HAVEN STUDIOS specializes in full-service interior design for homes as well as boutique commercial projects. Our guiding philosophy is that great design is a collaboration between the client and designer. The ideal result: a space full of spirit and one that embodies the lives of the owners.

Functionally, we want to maximize purpose, create thoughtful sightlines and spatial flow.

Aesthetically, we follow a holistic approach that is centered on comfort and joy. We intend to design environments that are spirited, uplifting, and hum with life. Our studio isn't too concerned about trends or focused on generic solutions but rather with the development of dynamic spaces one would like to live or work in.  

Operating out of Sacramento, we serve clients throughout California and beyond. 
We also have a new interior design studio location in San Francisco! So, let's talk about your projects anywhere between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe.

Interior Design Services

Let's chat about your project and main objectives.

Phone Call

For full-service design clients looking to renovate their home or build a custom home from the ground up, we like to meet in person and tour your home to get a better understanding of the project scope and what you're looking for. For our remote projects, this home tour might be in the form of a Zoom call or FaceTime. A remote solution might also be suitable for projects that "only" involve furniture selections.  

Home Tour

After our initial design consultation, we create a scope of work. Throughout this document, we will share more about our work and values and how they inform our design process. We will already share some initial inspirations and mood concepts with you and hope they leave you feeling inspired and confident in moving forward.
Throughout the proposal we will clearly define project goals with regards to layout, material finishes, lighting and furniture as they apply to your needs. You'll also learn about next steps to move the project forward. 

Proposal - Design Scope 

Our Design Process

First and foremost, thank you very much for considering to work with us. We thrive to be our client's design guide and liaison through the good and the bad. Our clients trust us to complete a successful design project and we highly value the opportunity to make a difference. We hope the below detailed introduction to our design process gives you a little sneak peek of how it is to work with us and what to expect. 

Every project and client is unique, so we structure our process accordingly but there is a certain process that we adhere to. This allows us to stay organized and make the project a success. 
You will receive a questionnaire asking about your design preferences and lifestyle. After you submitted the questionnaire, we will evaluate your answers and go over them with you in detail to address any follow-up questions.


We come to an agreement on the scope of the project and you sign a contract. 
In order to move the project onto our schedule, you will pay an initial design retainer. After that, payments will be invoiced as project milestones are achieved throughout the project. We do not ask for the complete design fee upfront.


After you have received our Welcome Guide and we exchanged more information to define your project, we will take a deep dive into design.

We will study the existing plans, evaluate the questionnaires, have several discussions with you about what you need in your newly remodeled home (functionally and aesthetically), and share a lot of pictures with you to establish an overall design style.

We take programming serious. This step is essential to our design philosophy and our ability to connect with our clients. At HAVEN STUDIOS, we believe that what separates a house from a home is in a space's ability to resonate with your lifestyle and needs. 

With the discovery phase in the books, we’re set to move forward with space planning and developing a tailor-made design solution for you. We develop a design aesthetic and work towards specifying and sourcing. From material finishes and fixtures to furniture, we’ll leave no detail left untouched with a clear design vision guiding each decision.
Once everything is carefully worked through, we’ll sit down to unveil the full design plan for our first Design Presentation. 
During this presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to review every element of your custom project, assess drawings, see and touch samples, and collaborate on any revisions as needed. Depending on your specific design contract, we will work on revision #2 and #3 after that.

Design Phase 

share your vision and ideas with us

After the final approval of the design plan is received, you can take a break from heavy decision making as we take it all from here. Our studio will handle the administrative work of coordinating specifications of products with the contractor. We will also manage purchasing orders, tracking, and ensuring each product is shipped to an off-site warehouse for inspection. This is an essential step to ensuring no damaged or defective pieces are brought into your home during the white-glove delivery process on install day.


As the hard and soft goods are finalized, each will be presented to you in the form of a proposal for approval. 
You can also expect to receive reports periodically to help keep track of all purchases and costs to date. 


realistic renderings convey our vision 

A set of drawings will be created if your project requires permits. Oftentimes, 3D renderings help with decisions, especially for renovations and new custom homes. We create those for the most significant areas, such as the kitchen and primary bathroom (plus where requested).  


It can be hard to make decisions based on pictures and materials alone. To guide you through the process with confidence, we utilize pictures, elevations, actual samples, as well as 3D renderings where it's really important. We create drawings and concepts and sometimes collages as shown here to illustrate our design vision. We also go through many pictures with you to get to know your likes and dislikes. This process might be tedious at times but informs a design that suits your personality. We want to create a home that is tailor-made just for you and not just based on what the next store has to offer (AKA contractor option).  

Decisions, decisions, ...

Any renovation building project will have challenging moments that require smart solutions. Whether it's an unforeseen construction hurdle, supply shortage, or a communication mishap, hiccups are inevitable and can make the process incredibly stressful. As your liaison and design advocate, we will collaborate with your general contractor. We convey all design details with the trade and adjust appropriately where necessary to ensure the best solution. We will make sure that everyone is on board with maintaining our design intent and integrity. 

We provide ongoing site visits and collaboration with your contractor throughout construction to ensure each detail comes together as intended. 

Many clients might not want to incorporate this into the service scope but this is crucial when your designs are unique and we strongly recommend it if the budget allows for it. Without boots on the ground, our designs will be adjusted during the construction phase.  

Project Management

During the installation phase, it is best if you are not at home. This will give us an opportunity to work efficiently and take care of all the small details. Installation will typically take our team 1-3 days, but we will give you our best estimate before it begins.

Installation (Soft Goods Only)

This is the exciting part! The final walk through can take between one to three hours (or even more for large projects). This is where we will create a punch list of any outstanding items, hand off all warranty information, along with cleaning & care guides in a final goodbye packet.

Final Walk-Through

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