We were approached by the new homeowner to update this almost 6,000 sq.ft. home in the beautiful community of Sierra de Montserrat in Loomis. The home was barely 5 years old at the time it changed ownership, and the property was beautifully landscaped but the original interior was not appealing to the homeowner. All the cabinetry was very dark, masculine, and the finish materials were just plain builder standard selections - most everything had to go and so the home went through a major interior renovation. 

Before the owners moved in, the home's kitchen, bar, and lower level bathrooms were all renovated, which also included some new architectural detailing, such as a new staircase layout, a new ceiling detail in the kitchen and great room as well as the fireplace design and a lot more lighting.

Our interior design studio handled everything from creating necessary drawings for floor plan changes and new cabinetry, to coordinating all new material selections, including lighting and plumbing fixtures. We selected and procured most furniture pieces for both interior and outdoor spaces.

We are very proud of all the people it took to bring this renovation project in Loomis together. And, thankful for client who trust us with the vision. Please see below pictures of the completed project as well as progress pictures and "before" pictures and example photos of our interior design process. Contact us here to share with us your renovation project or new custom home plans. We also work on commercial interior design projects.

let the sun in

All project photography below by Stephanie Russo
Interior Styling by Emily Airoso Vierra

Vineyard Custom Home

- Loomis, CA -

take some time for yourself and relax

relax and recharge to live your best life out there.

A new steam shower cladded in lilac marble is one of the many highlights in this bathroom remodel.

for the senses. 

In our world of interior design, A bathroom isn't just a place where you go to wash yourself in the morning and evening. Ideally, we want to see this as a sanctuary for any homeowner we work with. Our interior design studio aims to design A place that energizes you in the morning as well as calms you at night.

That includes creating a great lighting plan, choosing materials that support the overall style of the home yet make the bathroom uniquely yours.

We design upbeat  bathrooms ...

let 's slay the day

The living room received the most attention during our interior design process. It's considered to be a "great room" - a room that sits in the center of the home and occupies a large volume of space. The enormous height of the ceiling can actually be a challenge. Sometimes, they can make an interior feel and sound hollow. Light can be swallowed up in the space and not reach your surfaces, which is important for work spaces like the kitchen. The original house was challenged in both and we were tasked to find a solution. We did solve the existing design dilemmas with new architectural design features that play with height, such as the fireplace surround and color blocking. We also added lots of spot lights in the ceiling with the appropriate spread as well as several pendants and wall light fixtures. We always incorporate 3 layers of lighting in our designs and it makes a great difference in how our clients can use the space throughout the day (and night).  

Let's allow the pictures to speak for themselves. We hope you find inspiration for your home renovation. 

The staircase steals the show I think. We will create a blog entry just to show you the before and after pictures of this Loomis custom Modern Mediterranean home. I am incredibly proud of our team and deeply grateful to our clients for how this project has come to life amidst a pandemic that has required us all to cultivate patience more than the usual renovation project requires anyway.

The entry was very much a sore point for our clients. We immediately realized that a mere material change wouldn't suffice; thus, we opted to change the approach and completely rebuild it.

The original exterior style clashed with the modern interior, creating a design disconnect. Our new interior design bridges the gap by blending Mediterranean exterior architecture with the interior, resulting in a practical, inviting, and elegant space. We even added a storage area and hidden play space for the kids under the stairs.

We designed this kitchen with a massive 18ft island. There was much deliberation with the client to create two islands but we found the large island with  an attached table for homework and casual eating the better design solution. 

We introduced what we call a "fruit room" cladded with luxurious Paonazzo marble, complete with its own independent cooling system. Another exquisite detail of this kitchen design is the officine gullo range - handmade in Italy - and very much worth the wait.

A dream kitchen ...

who's cooking

because the best times we spend with family and friends .

A traditional cabinet design surrounded by modern kitchen design elements such as waterfall countertops.

made for entertaining. 

We used natural materials and high-end finishes throughout the home to create an elevated space that will age gracefully.

find rest in your sanctuary

The primary bathroom was designed to serve as a relaxing retreat to the homeowners. 
Even though we didn't make any changes to the layout of this bathroom, the new selection of finsih materials made a huge difference in how the bathroom feels. It is now a true extension of the primary bedroom. 

Progress pics