As with so many of our home remodels, the kitchen was going to be the main attraction. Since the kitchen is considered the main hub in  this home, It was especially important how the kitchen would connect to the other adjacent living spaces.

Space planning is a crucial part of our design process and can transform any home. It's where it all starts. The spatial flow has to be well thought out in order to serve the owner in function and purpose.

As part of this home remodel, this kitchen received a complete overhaul. We changed the location of the home's main entry, converted the original garage to the primary suite, added a garage, and changed most room access points.

The result was an open floor plan with a very private primary suite, dream laundry room, and a beautiful gallery space to open up to the new pool area outside - a small pantry was also includes as shown on the right.

let 's cook the weekend away.

Since the home was remodeled to sell, we designed The kitchen to appeal to a wide range of lifestyles but definitely with an emphasis on entertaining in mind.

At the time we were hired, this single story 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Granite Bay, CA, was already completely gutted but still had an awkward floor plan and a detached garage. We completely redesigned the floorpan, added more square footage, and connected the garage to the main house. As the house was being developed for resale, it was immensely important to add value, appeal to a wide range of possible buyers but also stand out among other homes for sale in the area. With a sales price of 20-30% higher than comps at the time, I think we did :) As with most other remodels or new construction homes we work on, we coordinated all finish materials, cabinetry, lighting, paint, etc.; pretty much everything you see, including the exterior. We are so grateful that the owner entrusted us with this project and that we were able to work with a team that could bring our vision to life.

- Granite Bay, CA -