the homeowners are two avid cooks who like to prepare and cook together. The new kitchen layout was designed around that goal as well as the fact that there might be lots of other helping hands in the kitchen during family gatherings. 

A kitchen made for entertaining.

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This home in Truckee, CA, was completely gutted and remodeled (incl. additional square footage). We were hired to conceive all details of the home - from the space planning, across all finish selections, all the way to the furniture. It serves the family as a second home during all seasons and supports their love for entertaining, while also being a place to retreat and relax. We purposefully used mostly natural and sustainable materials throughout the home. In fact, many details correspond to the home’s surroundings. For example, incorporating lots of wood finishes, basalt tile, marble, and even a sink that is a replication of Lake Tahoe’s topography map - see below for more details.


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We wanted to use finish materials that are reminiscent of the home's surroundings. This allowed us to infuse a sense of mountain vibes into the home. The color palette was kept moody yet neutral and modern.

We definitely don't want to create trendy interiors but we're an interior design studio that appreciates timeless design - and so do our clients.

Trends come and go. The investment into your home is substantial and we intend to elevate your home's interior and real estate value.

As experienced interior designers, we help you create an interesting and cohesive design that stands the test of time.

take some time for yourself and relax

that invites to relax after a long day of skiing.

working on residential projects in Truckee, CA, we understand the unique desires of our clientele. Our holistic interior design approach is rooted in a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle that Lake Tahoe offers, ensuring that every project honors not only its architecture but also its remarkable surroundings and the sophisticated tastes of its inhabitants.

Let us transform your home into a gem of luxury living, where every detail is meticulously designed and crafted to offer an unmatched living experience. With our firm, your interior design project will not only elevate your home but also enhance your lifestyle, making every moment in your Truckee sanctuary unforgettable.

Discover the pinnacle of luxury interior design in Truckee, CA, and let us guide you in creating a home that is as awe-inspiring as the landscapes that surround it. Your journey towards an exquisite living space, infused with elegance, luxury, and a touch of Truckee charm, begins with us.

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Our expertise spans the full spectrum of interior design and project management, ensuring a streamlined execution from concept to completion. Whether it’s a custom home build, a luxury kitchen renovation, or a comprehensive home remodel, our suite of services includes space planning with an eye for luxury, selection of premium finish materials that speak to the modern mountain home aesthetic, architectural detailing that captures the essence of high-end living, and lighting and furniture procurement that brings your dream home to life.

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Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury living with our premier interior design services, tailored exclusively for the discerning homeowner in Truckee, CA. Nestled in the heart of the majestic Lake Tahoe region, our firm is the beacon for those seeking an unparalleled blend of elegance, functionality, and personalized design.

Embark on a journey of transformation with us, where your vision for a sophisticated sanctuary or a comprehensive home makeover becomes our blueprint for creation. Specializing in high-end residential design, we are your partners in curating spaces that reflect not just unparalleled luxury but also a seamless integration with the breathtaking Truckee landscape.

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