Sophisticated Living Room as example of Holistic Interior Design in San Francisco and Sacramento

Holistic Interior Design is an approach that considers all aspects of a space, not just its tangible finishes, furniture, and accessories. By factoring in emotional, physical, and spiritual elements, it offers a comprehensive view of its surroundings. Holistic Interior Design isn’t just about making your space look good -it’s about creating an environment that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. It seeks a harmonious balance between the various aspects of your life, resulting in spaces that feel genuinely “YOU”.

A modern home build in in the mountains of Montana is characterized by rustic industrial finishes and furniture. The views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular and can be admired from almost every angle of the interior.

A ranch home on Santa Barbara is beautifully remodeled by Becker Studio. The new home is modern yet infused with a Old World, Mexican-style atmosphere – a modern hacienda in the hills of Santa Barbara (Montecito).