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Tips for Your Home Project

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Aug 5, 2022

Timeless Design Living Room Interior Designer Sacramento

Timeless Design

Don’t get caught up in current trends that might be fleeting in nature. Work with a designer who understands the history of design and focuses on timeless choices for both interior finishes and your main furniture investments – quality is king here. You can always choose smaller items to be trendy and switch them more often.

Design by Disc Interiors.

Design Concept bathroom remodel Sacramento

plan well and


Don’t just hire a contractor and think that you can make the selections as they come up – you will be overwhelmed and end up with a run-of-the-mill result. Any renovation or new construction project requires a tremendous amount of decisions and it takes a well thought out plan to accomplish a cohesive design. A thoroughly curated design concept is worth every penny considering the overall project investment you’re taking on.

Design by Jordyn Yeldell

Using natural materials help create a timeless design

Natural Building Materials

As part of our design process, we like to emphasize the benefits of natural and sustainable materials. We love both their tactile quality over man-made products but also appreciate how they age. The air quality in a home without or minimal VOC’s is to everyone’s benefit: the families who will be living in the home as well as everyone involved in the building of the home.

Bring the Outside in

Living in California, we love to extend our living areas to the outside as much as possible. This architectural consideration can result in additional exterior living space or in massive windows ;) Well placed windows do the job as well. Consider the extra light this can bring into your home.

Architecture by Vincent Van Duysen

Architectural Details

We cannot stress this enough: the architectural details (design and their execution) mean so much and add so much value to your home. The quality of your architectural details determines how long the home will remain relevant: is it going to stand the test of time or become outdated in a matter of 15 years?

The topic of architectural details also include your windows. Please give them the attention they deserve.

Architecture by Cusimano Architects
Builder: Bartula Brothers
Interior Design by Meg Lonergan Interiors

Splurge on Lighting

Please do not skimp here! Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the design process and a well rounded selection will have a great impact on the feel and atmosphere of your home.

Light by Larose Guyon

Closet of my dreams

maximize Storage

Incorporate it as much as possible. One can never have enough storage ;)

Get creative with it. There are many ways to include storage solutions into the interior architecture of a home. We have created hidden doors along a wall, added textural elements likes these, etc.

Design by Todhunter Earle Interiors

Use Quality Hardware

Another item to splurge on is hardware. On your doors or your cabinets – we think that it matters. You will touch it many times everyday. Good quality will last you decades and age well with your home.

Source: Sun Valley Bronze

No matter if you’re embarking on a remodel or building from the ground up, there are certain topics that we like to get very clear on right away. We see them time and time again to determine the success of the project. We want to share them with you and hope these tips will help you with the process of home building. Ideally, we can help our clients to make their building/remodeling endeavor an adventure of discovering new products and seeing their dream home come to life. It should not be an overwhelming event. Take a peak and feel free to contact us with your questions.