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Mountain Homes… A Place to Rejuvenate


Jul 18, 2022

Living in Northern California, we have the luxury of taking a quick drive to visit beautiful Lake Tahoe. Whether it’s to escape the summer heat or to enjoy skiing down the slopes during the winter, you always need a comfortable place to rest your head at the end of the day. Mountain homes in general offer us a place to relax and unwind. They’re a place to escape the busyness of our everyday routines and refuel our energy. Most importantly, they’re a place for us to build memories with our loved ones. Below, we selected a few examples of mountain homes to inspire your imagination. They break the mold on the traditional idea of what a cabin is supposed to look like. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Modern mountain home in Martis Camp.

Architecture by Greg Faulkner, Faulkner Architects  

Designed by Sarah Jones Interiors

Photography by Joe Fletcher

Incorporating Belgium design into your Mountain Home

The rustic allure of green doors set against white walls, paired with wooden accents and beams, introduces simplicity to the space without overwhelming it. Take note of the kitchen counter featuring drawers instead of counter stools, with the rustic table placed in front for a distinct separation.

cabin by the lake, vacation home, Tahoe West Shore

Design by Joris Van Apers Studios    

Photography by Jo Pauwels Photography

Material Selection and Details in Remodeling

Selecting the appropriate materials for a mountain home is essential to establish a stark ambiance. Integrating dark and warm woods, contrasting textures of lightness, incorporating various metal finishes, all while adhering to a neutral palette, significantly elevates a restroom remodel. Pay attention to the door, and observe the flush details seamlessly blending with the wall. This intricate design aspect is a result of early design stages, underscoring the importance of engaging an interior designer to guide you toward the optimal choices for your mountain home.

Modern mountain cabin with natural wood door, stone accent wall and marble topped custom vanity

Architecture by Brandon Architects

Design by Denise Morrison Interiors

A Thoughtful Blend of Elements in Design

The selection of materials and colors serves a larger purpose in influencing the overall flow and atmosphere within a space. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan strategically. Take a look at the kitchen below; it showcases versatility in color, texture, and materials. Despite the darker tones, the presence of white plaster prevents it from feeling too dark. This small detail significantly brightens up the space. Imagine if the backsplash and range were entirely stone—it would make the area seem weighty. Consider integrating open shelving alongside a combination of closed storage to achieve a well-balanced and functional design. Additionally, don’t limit your pendant placement exclusively to over the counter; why not diversify and explore various placement options?

The perfect balance between modern and rustic

Design by Amber Interiors

Traditional and Modern Living Room Design

Infusing a touch of Rustic Mountain Homes flair…

Create a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics in your living room by incorporating contemporary furniture and transitional materials such as wood and travertine like shown in this picture you notice the variety . Elevate the design by introducing a statement piece like a travertine fireplace in the center of the living room, effectively breaking up the space for and imparting a cozy ambiance.

emmanuel de bayser chic chalet lake tahoe interior designer

Design by Emmanuel de Bayser

A Pop of Color 

Embrace the use of color in your design—let your sectional and window trim serve as vibrant focal points! A bold choice, such as this blue velvet sectional, not only adds a pop of color but also infuses intrigue into the room without overshadowing the overall palette. Take a moment to observe how the green trim on the window seamlessly complements the wooden beams, creating a more cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors; they have the power to elevate the design and make your living space uniquely captivating.

cozy mountain home media room

Architecture by Hoyt/CTA Architects   

Design by WRJ Design   

Photography by William Abranowicz

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Absolutely nothing compares to coming back from a day of skiing, hiking, or exploring the breathtaking beauty of Tahoe, and then relaxing in the luxury of your freestanding tub with an unparalleled view. A freestanding tub adds a touch of luxury to your getaway.

Classic fixtures paired with this soaking tub create a spa environment in this mountain home..

Design by Pearson Design Group

Views that you never get tired of 

When blessed with a stunning view like this, don’t hesitate to view your lighting not as an obstruction but as a sculptural art piece. Opt for something more sculptural, especially with floor-to-ceiling or large windows, rather than conventional glass fixtures. Thoughtful lighting choices have the potential to enhance and elevate the ambiance of the entire room.

Pearson Design Group Dining room with mountain views

Design by Pearson Design Group

Photography by Shawn Henderson

Connecting Interior and Exterior Spaces

When we think about the interior design of modern mountain homes, we love to draw inspiration from the natural surroundings and try to integrate them inside. For example,  utilizing the same tile and ceiling material both indoors and outdoors can foster a harmonious continuation of space.

Indoor outdoor modern living space with natural elements

Architecture by Ward-Young Architecture

Design by Sarah Jones Interior Design

Express Your Identity Through a Blend of Styles

For Your next Alpine Residences Remodel….

A moody and mid-century rustic fusion…coupled with traditional elements, showcases that you can break away from a specific style when renovating your mountain home retreat. At Haven Studios, our expertise lies in seamlessly blending elements to create a cohesive space, tailoring your home to authentically reflect your unique lifestyle. Wood takes center stage as the primary construction material throughout your mountain home, extending from floor to ceiling, and in this case, accentuating beams to evoke a rustic and artisanal feel.

Kitchen remodel that consist of large wooden beam ceiling and natural woods

Photo by Unknown

A Classic Cabin Feel with a Touch of Eclectic Style

Experience the creation of a serene sanctuary in the comfort of mountain homes…

In older lake and mountain homes, we often deal with compact spaces. They can provide a great opportunity to create small havens for the eclectic interior design lover.  We like to use a blend of midcentury modern and rustic charm with diverse textiles and colors. Vintage furniture pieces can also add character to a secondary seating room such as shown below. Complement the vignette by an art-centered splurge and/or a monolithic rock formation fireplace, and you got yourself an ideal hide-away with that unmistakable Tahoe vibe.

rustic granite fireplace lake home

Interiors by Betsy Brown

Architecture by Paul Bates

Photo by Brie Williams

Japandi Interior Design Meets Tahoe …

If you like Japandi, consider incorporating these impactful elements into your mountain home to create a soft and warm ambiance.

  • Embrace natural elements, such as wood;
  • Utilize a focal light fixture made from parchment or rice paper;
  • Use a majority of soft neutral colors to keep it “light” with accents of color that mimic the surroundings of your mountain home;
  • Incorporate indoor plants;
  • Keep the furniture profiles low;
  • And use minimal decor.

We encourage you to consider the significance of larger pieces and focal points, such as a light fixture shown in the below picture. Emphasizing structural elements such as the rafters can also help in grounding the space or drawing attention to the mountain scape outside—these elements will curate the essence of your Mountain home.

Japandi living room

Design by Sara Oswalt, Purveyor Design

Photography by Lindsea Brown Taunton

If you’d like to read more about Japandi inspired interiors and holistic design in general, please read our journal entry on “Holistic Interior Design” – we dedicated a very detailed post to this topic because it is so important to our interior design work. It’s how we approach every single project: from a holistic point of view that considers our clients’ individual lifestyles and aesthetic desires.

Our interior design approach revolves around cultivating comfort and joy, no matter if it’s for a mountain homes or a house in the city. With meticulous attention to detail, we prioritize every inch, from layouts that foster efficiency as well as human connection to patterns and textures that evoke positive vibes. Our goal is to craft spaces that are visually captivating yet highly functional, providing you a sense of comfort and belonging. To discover more about our services, schedule a chat with Christin, the founder and principal designer at Haven Studios here or complete our contact form if you prefer email as your first point of contact.

Can you hear it? The mountains are calling! We are a design studio of interior designers in Sacramento, serving the Lake Tahoe area, and LOVE working on mountain homes – no matter if it’s a vacation home or primary residence. We compiled a few inspiring homes for you – from rustic to modern, from colorful to pared down neutral vibes. Feel free to reach out through our contact form to inquire about more information on working with us . We’d love to furnish your home, and design your remodel or new construction home with you and your building team.