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Home Remodeling and Successful Planning

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Jan 7, 2024

Are you looking to remodel your home or parts of your home, such as the kitchen, or bathroom? Most of the time, this thought comes up either (A) during the process of buying a new home and considering a remodel before move-in date or (B) after you’ve lived in your home for years or decades and don’t want to leave – you rather “love it” and choose to remodel. That’s when you find yourself among the many individuals thinking about interior design and embarking on home renovations each year. Whatever sparks the idea, you begin to consider the possibility of a home makeover.

Sacramento and the surrounding suburbs like Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Loomis, etc. have some great homes to offer and you might be surprised what is possible when you just look at it from a different perspective. An interior designer can you help prioritize. Design consultations and interior design in general are a luxury service but can help you save money in the long run. A well-designed home can transcend time and yield a lot more money on today’s real estate market where new homebuyers want to see custom solutions, not contractor’s standard or cookie-cutter design.

The motivations behind a home remodel are as diverse as the projects themselves.

These motivations often include:

  • Expanding the overall square footage
  • Designing a floor plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Modernizing cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures
  • Enhancing energy efficiency by installing new windows, doors, insulation, and heating/cooling systems
  • Elevating the potential resale value of the property

Considering the above motivations for a partial or full home remodel, we’ve compiled in informational guide to help you understand the necessary steps in the process of home renovations from the perspective of our interior studio. If you have questions and are considering a home remodel, feel free to drop us a line via our contact form or easily schedule a free discovery call with me, Christin, the founder and principal interior designer at Haven Studios. We also work with builders and homeowners on ground-up custom homes, and can help you get on track to your dream home.

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We aim to inspire confidence in decision making during your remodel. And, we’re here to help you through the complex parts of the process, making sure that you end up with the space that goes beyond what you’ve imagined. Our goal for your home remodel: Create a space that does more than just beautify your home – it will enhance your everyday living experience.

Where to Begin with the Process of Your Home Renovation?

Home Remodeling 101: Set Goals and Create Wishlist

Starting your home remodel is really about getting your ideas down. Why not begin with a list of what you need and what you’d love to have? There’s a whole world of inspiration out there! Dive into magazines and websites, and save those pictures that catch your eye. The clearer your vision, the easier it’ll be to bring it to life.

We encourage our design clients to find inspiration in their favorite hotels and restaurants. Tell us about your best travel experiences and ho wit made you feel. What about local wineries, for example.

Above Picture gallery: The Proper Hotel in Austin designed by Kelly Wearstler, one of the most inspiring interior designers our time. located in Los Angeles, Her interior studio designs residences and hospitality projects throughout the US and also has a thriving talent for furniture and lighting design.

Home Remodeling 101: Functionality as a Design Priority

Think about the flow and functionality of the space, how your furniture will fit, the colors that make you happy, and the lighting. It’s all about how you want to feel in your newly remodeled space. From there, an interior designer can help you to create a new space plan. We usually prepare a few new floor plan options for our clients to help them. This part involves extensive conversations about how you want to utilize your space and after some evaluation, we translate it into drawings and develop design solutions that fit your lifestyle.

We consider different options to allow you and the contractor on the team to value engineer the best solution. Sure, there are aesthetic and functional goal but we also need to meet a budget. Knowing how much you’re able to spend on the remodeling, plus the furnishings, landscaping, or any extras, will help keep everything on track. And always assume that it will be more expensive than expected. It’s the nature of the unforeseen in any home remodel.

Mention that we take on the interior architecture allowing (maybe another section of the blog post though – this is already pretty long )

Home Remodeling 101: Set Priorities For Your Renovation Project

Kicking off a home renovation project means setting clear goals and putting together a thorough wish list. We often develop this list through the initial programming phase because it can be hard to set these priorities without knowing your options and possibilities. Your priorities might change during the process as well. Our interior design team can provide guidance. We also like to pull in your contractor as early as possible to help with this crucial step.

Being clear on your priorities is a game-changer – it keeps you on track and takes a load off your mind when deciding on the layout and material selections in your home. It also gives your interior designer a clear picture of what you’re dreaming your home will look and feel like. When it’s budget time, having a ‘must-have’ list alongside a ‘wish list’ is extremely helpful. It helps you figure out where to focus your spending. It guides us as your interior design team to know which products to select, where to splurge vs. where to rather safe money.

Starting from the space planning phase, we think about your goals and what you want to get out of your home remodel. We will arrange layouts accordingly and think of materials based on your input.

Our drawings above show a small layout change in a bathroom remodel. The homeowner wasn’t quite sure if a change in layout would justify the costs. Because we saw a huge benefit in the proposed layout, we conducted a quick cost-benefit-analysis with the contractor. We can tell you that it was totally worth exploring this option. Stay tuned for this project to be built in 2024.

Is Now The Best Time for a Home Renovation or Should You Wait?

Understanding your financial situation is key, and contractors across the board are suggesting that if you’ve been hesitant about starting a renovation due to the upheaval caused by the pandemic, now might be the ideal time to go ahead. With the current high interest rates, buying a new house might not seem like the best option. However, if you have access to a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and some extra disposable income, it could be the perfect opportunity to renovate. This period could present a unique chance to transform your current space into your dream home.

Consider that Contractors and Interior Designers Might Have Wait Lists

The actual renovation work might not take any longer than it did pre-Covid, but the lead-up to starting your project might involve more waiting than before. Many homeowners waited until after Covid to remodel their homes. Many homeowners decide to remodel their homes rather than moving into an “upgrade” due to increased interest rates. While it’s tricky to predict exactly how long your renovation project will take, we’ve seen in the past year that wait times for getting the work done are gradually increasing. Make sure to put a design team together earlier than you might think.

Give Yourself and Your Design Team Ample Time for Planning

Architectural Planing and Interior Design Take a Considerate Amount of Time

Many homeowners often dive straight into a project without giving themselves enough time to develop a great design plan, think through the process of the home renovation. In the interest of “fast” results, the design often comes short and we hope to provide a solution to that with streamlined process. That being said, there are limitations. A day only has 24hrs and a lot of moving parts have to be considered. It’s better to give it some time. Or, you can give your interior design team more creative freedom and that usually gets things done a lot quicker. Our design can take shape sooner when less design presentations are required.

The above picture gallery shows part of the design process and results from one of our recent home remodel projects in Loomis, CA. You can find more selected pictures of the whole project in our interior design portfolio here. We also completed several aspects of major changes to the interior architecture of the home that is located in a beautiful community with private vineyards.

Simpler Renovations and Materials Updates w/out Layout Changes Take Less Time to Plan and Implement But Can Be Very Impactful.

Before you even select your future home, why not get in touch with us? As experienced interior designers, we’re not just about transforming spaces that you’re already set on; we’re here to guide you right from the start. We can help you navigate the world of materials and design choices, ensuring that the house you choose has the potential to become the home of your dreams. By involving us early in your house-hunting journey, you’ll have the advantage of professional insights into how different materials, layouts, and designs can align with your vision and lifestyle. Reach out to us, and let’s make your home-buying experience as informed and inspired as possible!

Our interior design studio will provide you with several choices for your finish selections. Being able to see and touch all materials is incredibly helpful during the decision making process of your home remodel or ground-up new construction. As I always emphasize, our main modus operandi is being client-focused. It’s our most important goal to make the interior design process enjoyable for you and to protect your investment. Offering you unique and tailored solutions is part of that. We are NOT in business to present you with cookie-cutter design but we are passionate interior designers that want to make a significant difference in how you live.

Hire the Right Professionals for Your Home Renovation

Choosing the right team for your home remodeling project is key to its success. This means finding trustworthy contractors, skilled interior designers, and experienced architects. It’s essential to do your homework, thoroughly research, and check references. We’ve put together a brief guide on the professionals you’ll need, helping you make well-informed choices tailored to your project’s unique needs.

Seeing options for your interior selections will allow you to make decisions with more confidence.

Choosing an Architect 

When it comes to big changes in your home, it’s really important to bring an architect.

Specializing in full home remodels and a lots of experience in interior architecture and construction, our interior design studio oftentimes takes on this role as long as the scope doesn’t involve extensive additions and changes in roof lines, etc. If you need “only” changes to interior walls, some additional windows, or a small addition, we might be your choice. A structural engineer and drafting company will still be required to get the green light from city or county and obtain proper permits. It’s all about making sure your project is safe, sound, and up to standard!

Exterior Rendering- Historic Home renovation - Interior Designer Sacramento

Exterior rendering created by Pike Properties

Choosing an Experienced Interior Designer (or Interior Design Studio)

Interior designers bring a specialized touch to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your home. We have a keen understanding of floor plans, construction details, lighting, finishes, and furnishings. As interior designers, we’ve honed the skill to create designs that balance style and practicality. After all, your interiors should enhance both the visual appeal and usability of your home. When you work with a professional interior designer for your home remodel, you’re leveraging our meticulous attention to detail and design expertise. We are here to ensure a refined transformation of your space.

Interior Designer creates Living Room Floor Plan and Custom Furniture Selection - Folsom Project

Shown above: Part of a typical interior design presentation – furniture selections and space planning for a living room in one of our projects in Folsom, CA.

Selecting a General Contractor 

Contractors play a pivotal role in transforming the ideas of architects and designers into reality, while also adeptly resolving construction challenges. Their primary focus lies in executing the envisioned project while efficiently managing construction costs.

From handling important jobs like plumbing and electrical updates to making sure the structure of your home is solid and safe, your general contractor is a key player in making your renovation dreams come true. Select wisely.

Possibly Hiring a Private Presentation Service

Let’s fast-forward to the conclusion. Here’s a question that could define your journey: Do you aspire to experience profound gratitude as you sit in serene contentment by your fireplace, within the walls of your exquisitely constructed and furnished home, knowing that every aspect has been meticulously addressed? If so, here’s the secret recipe: ABSOLUTE CLARITY in your decision-making process and the sequence in which those decisions are made.

A private representation team’s purpose is to craft the blueprint for your success. They will pinpoint your paramount priorities and establish their order of significance. This ensures that your project team gains absolute clarity on allocation of resources, effective team communication, precise budgeting, and efficient scheduling to propel your project forward.

Set Up Your Hierarchy of Priorities

Why is this so important for your project (for both your home remodel or new construction custom home)?

So you have this great project set up, and you have the best architect, the best interior designer, and the best builders. Setting your critical priorities prior to starting your project is very important to ensure an enjoyable process and a successful outcome. These critical priorities are:

  • quality,
  • aesthetics,
  • function,
  • cost,
  • the intrinsic value you have for something,
  • and scheduling.

A Roadmap to a Successful Project

The roadmap is developed based on these top six critical priorities. You can build this hierarchy with your private representation team or with the design and construction team. As an experienced team of interior designer and interior decorators, we encourage you to build this model so that when you do start construction, everyone is crystal clear where things are aligned.

So if “function” is number one, that’s we’re going to make decisions. If “costs” are number one, then that’s how we’re going to make decisions. We can identify these different categories with you. So again, the goal is all about you and your project and how we create a personalized system to move your project step-by-step. We want to ensure that your project is wildly successful so that at the end, you’re throwing big parties and having families over and enjoying every bit of the experience as well as the finished product.

Above renderings created by Banda Property Development

Our interior design studio is able to present you with renderings of your kitchen (and other spaces in your home). We coordinate early on with the rest of your design team. Architects may only give you a rough idea of where appliances and cabinets would go; the exact layout might be determined by your contractor or cabinet maker if you don’t have an interior designer in your corner. We’re here to guide you through all the intricacies of kitchen design so that decisions can be made in confidence and minimized overwhelm.

Allow Your Interior Design Team to Act as Your Personal Design Liaison

As a full-service interior design firm, we love collaborating with a network of trusted professionals who join us to deliver outstanding results for your project. We pride ourselves on integrating our extensive experience and diverse viewpoints into every endeavor.

We’re here to be your design liaison, making sure that your plans and design intent is properly executed, and that any hiccups along the way are quickly sorted out as a team effort. With our expertise and guidance, we’ll help to streamline the process, ensuring your remodel is handled with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Once You Hired an Interior Designer and Possibly an Architect, It’s Time to …

Develop a Comprehensive Design Plan

A well-planned design is crucial for a successful remodel project. We’ll take the burden off you by developing an optimal layout and selecting appropriate materials that align with your vision, budget, and functional requirements. Our designs expertly balance aesthetics and functionality to create a beautiful, practical, and comfortable space. Through a series of meetings, we’ll present design concepts, materials, and furniture options that culminate in a cohesive space representing you. If you’d like to read more about our design process and interior design services, please read more here. We’ve also compiled several reasons why you should hire an interior designer in this blog post.

El Dorado Hills Interior Design Mood Board -Custom Living Room Furniture Selection. Sofa accent chairs , coffee table and console


Let’s talk about what actually happens as part of your home remodel in just a few words. If you’d like more detail on this, please contact us. There’s only so much we can share here.

PREPARING for Your Home Remodel …

Once you’ve given the green light to the design of your new space, the next step is to prepare your home for the renovation process. This ensures a seamless transition and sets the stage for a successful project. It involves clearing the area, organizing your belongings, and effectively communicating any specific requirements to our team. By establishing realistic expectations and fostering transparent communication, we can minimize potential challenges that may arise.

Depending on the scope of the project, we may recommend temporarily relocating during construction to avoid disruptions from debris and noise that could impact your daily life. Whether you choose to stay with family, friends, or find a short-term rental, it’s important to consider this when planning your overall timeline and budget. We’re here to guide you through every step of the way and make the process as smooth as possible.

What Happens During Your Home Remodel …

During the remodel, we will diligently oversee its progress, promptly addressing any concerns and efficiently managing changes to keep your project on track. Furthermore, we will uphold stringent quality control measures throughout the process, ensuring that the final outcome aligns with your initial goals and aspirations. What does that mean in more detail? See our outline below.

Project Management as Conducted by our Senior Interior Designer:

  • Regular Site Visits: Our design studio will monitor progress and maintain quality control to ensure that the design details are carried out as intended.
  • Communication: We keep open lines of communication with everyone on your team: you as the client, your architect, and all contractors involved. This will involve at least weekly updates on the renovation progress.
  • Problem Solving: We are prepared to handle any issues or delays proactively.

Budget and Timeline Management:

  • Tracking Expenses: We regularly update and manage the budget. Depending on your project scope, your contractor may in charge of that more than we are. All products purchased through our interior design studio, such as lighting, plumbing, finish materials, and furniture will be tracked by us.
  • Adjusting Plans: We make necessary adjustments to stay on track with the timeline and budget.

Let’s Talk About Final Review and Handover at the End of Your Home Remodel …

​​Towards the end of your home remodel or ground-up custom home construction, we will conduct a final walkthrough with you and the contractor to address final tweaks. This will serve as a quality check on all work completed to make sure that all your standards are met or exceeded.

After that, we will finalize all payments and contracts. You will receive a binder from our interior design studio with all the products used in your home. It’s a compilation of all warranties and also includes maintenance instructions.

Design by Sam Sacks Design

Design by Clements Design

To Conclude Our Thoughts on the Process of Home Renovation

Embarking on a home remodel or building project is a big deal, and we’re here to make sure it starts off on the right foot. With our wealth of experience, we’ve pinpointed the essential steps that are crucial for your project’s success. We’re in the interior design business to offer you not only good taste in design but more importantly useful advice and insights to simplify the whole process of renovating or building your home. Think of it as an exciting adventure where we’ll explore new products together and watch as your dream home takes shape. Remember, renovating your home should be an enjoyable experience, not an overwhelming one!

Are you located in (or around) Sacramento or the San Francisco Bay Area and interested in hearing about our interior design services? Feel free to arrange a conversation with Christin, our founder and principal designer at Haven Studios. Just click here to set it up. Or, if you’re more comfortable starting with an email, simply fill out our contact form. We’re here to help in the way that suits you best.


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Are you considering a home remodel in Sacramento, Tahoe, or the San Francisco Bay Area? Our interior design studio’s mission is to transform our clients’ homes into a reflection of their highest aspirations. From setting goals and priorities to managing renovations, our holistic design approach ensures an enjoyable and successful remodeling experience. Whether it’s a historic home or a ground-up custom build, our goal is to bring your dream home to life.