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luxurious Mediterranean inspired bathroom with freestanding tub and white steel doors separating the large walk-in shower. Carefully planned home renovation by interior designer in San Francisco and Sacramento.

7 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

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Sep 22, 2023

Interior rendering created by Fare

To hire an interior designer requires careful consideration. Often, homeowners underestimate the complexity of renovation or new build projects, only seeking help when they feel overwhelmed. The earlier we can be involved the less stressful your home renovation can be. To hire an interior designer can also add great value to your real estate investment and most of our clients easily recuperate the design service costs.

As a full-service interior design firm, we specialize in taking residential and commercial projects from concept to completion. Whether our clients are based in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, or anywhere across the country, our process remains consistent. Our mission is to create spaces that are welcoming and engaging but also inspire people to live their best lives. We believe the spaces we inhabit should support us in the lifestyle we aspire to.

In today’s blog post, we will outline the pivotal role of an interior designer and emphasize why it’s crucial to engage our services from the beginning.

interior design concept board for a kitchen remodel in Serrano, El Dorado Hills

As interior designers we create concept boards such as above, CAD drawings, and even photorealistic renderings and walk-throughs. We find this especially helpful when we work in kitchen designs and whole home remodels. Renderings can provide us as designers a great tool to communicate our vision to the client. They also offer the homeowner confidence in decision making. Imagine how confident you’d be if you didn’t have to second guess?!

Hire an Interior Designer and You’ll Get …

… Our Expertise in Project Management and Quality Control

Going through a construction project is no walk in the park. There are many moving parts to manage and it can definitely be overwhelming. As an experienced interior design studio, it’s our responsibility to protect the design vision and make sure the build team understands every detail we’ve planned out in collaboration with our clients.

Most people, who seek our design guidance, are busy families who want a well designed home but don’t have the time and/or expertise to handle all the complexities. That’s where our team comes in. We take the lead on project management so our clients don’t have to wonder where things are at.

Here’s a list of what our project management services might actually entail:

  • Creating drawings and 3D renderings – the first building block for your project to become reality and the basis for all communication between design team members and all construction trades.
  • Producing detailed specification books for contractor use – an essential part of any home building project. Every material, every item should be listed in detail – from specs to product data sheets – so that everyone involved in the process knows exactly what is expected. This will help ensure that the finished project matches the client’s vision. This also helps to keep costs under control.
  • Conducting weekly or bi-weekly site visits and/or check-in calls with the design and construction team. Again, this is an essential part to ensuring the integrity of the design intent is implemented.
  • Managing procurement and deliveries, including the resolution of any issues that arise. You’ll find more on that topic in our post on home renovation mishaps. There can be as many as 5,000 items on a complete home renovation, especially when we include furniture procurements. We manage and track each and every item and provide weekly or bi-weekly updates regarding orders. This means our clients don’t have to stress or wonder about when their pieces will be ready for installation. It’s all taken care of behind the scenes.
  • Providing quality control checks on all design elements. This includes creating punch-lists with the construction team during the project as well as at then end before the home is turned over to you.
hire an interior designer to help you with project management
hire an interior designer to create proper furniture layout
hire an interior designer to create details such as the fluting on this custom fireplace

… Expect Thoughtful Planning When You Hire an Interior Designer

As trained interior designers and interior architects, we have the ability to think creatively and spatially, perceiving the complete picture of an interior space. Our expertise lies in thinking beyond the obvious, and pride ourselves in finding unique solutions for our clients. We don’t just provide a keen eye for design; we also epitomize attention to detail, curating a harmonious blend of finish materials, lighting, plumbing fixtures, furniture, fabric choices, and color palette.

Interior Design and Home Renovation by Ome Dezin (Hollywood Hills)

… A Professional Assessment of Putting It All Together

Ultimately, most clients often enlist the services of an interior designer for their keen discernment in executing projects. As professionals, we possess the expertise to transform your interior design vision into reality, and moreover, we will offer a myriad of concepts beyond your own considerations.

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram (we love you), we all are constantly bombarded with design inspiration but it’s the long-honed skill to put all it all together in a way that reflects the personality and lifestyle of our clients that sets us apart and that makes our interior design projects a success.

hire an interior designer and ask for a moodboard for office design in San Francisco - creative agency - wellness oriented

… Attention to Detail

A home renovation is a complex undertaking and many details can get lost in translation. We believe that great design is in the details. We want to avoid details being overlooked during the hustle and bustle of construction. Our studio specializes in full-service interior design so that we can guide our clients through the entire duration of the project, ensuring that those oh-so-important details do NOT get overlooked. We clearly document our vision through detailed drawing sets and specification books.

It’s important to note that we pay a lot of attention to detail throughout the entire interior design process and construction but also think of your home as a whole – constantly assessing the interaction between spaces. We hold a balance between the big picture and the necessary attention to detail. This is very important as many homeowners become overwhelmed with the mountain of decisions to make. Getting lost in the details can easily happen during a home remodel. This leads us to the next advantage of hiring an interior designer …

… Little to No Decision Fatigue

Speak to anyone who has ever renovated or built a home from the ground up, and they will readily convey the sense of decision-making fatigue that sets in. Engaging the services of an interior designer, however, affords you a valuable ally throughout the entirety of your project. Drawing on their expertise, you can bypass the grueling process of deliberation over each tile, paint color, hardware selection, or room layout decision that presents itself. Which brings us to our next important reason why you should hire an interior designer for your home renovation or design project: as interior designers, we advocate for you.

Hire and Interior Designer and Have Your Own Personal Design Liaison

A good interior designer understands how to communicate effectively with other members your construction team, such as architects and contractors. It’s crucial for managing time and money. Solid communication is the key to success between interior design, lighting, furnishing, and architecture.

For instance, where you place your furniture will determine proper outlet placement. These types of considerations should be addressed before any construction begins, and an interior designer knows exactly what to bring up.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever gone through the renovation or building process, you know that there will be challenging moments and obstacles will arise. It could be a shortage of supplies or a communication mix-up—frustrations happen and can make the process incredibly stressful. However, at our interior design studio, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. We see ourselves as advocates for our clients. Our goal is to make designing and construction process of your home an enjoyable experience and we’re ready to work tirelessly on your behalf.

Hire an interior designer and this luxurious primary bedroom with plaster walls and marble fireplace might be yours; elegant; perfect for San Francisco historic home in Pacific Heights

Interior rendering created by Fare

Hire and Interior Designer and Take Advantage of Key Connections and Access to Trade Resources

Searching for a local tradesperson can be a time-consuming endeavor. Googling, scouring reviews, and waiting for call-backs, all in the hopes of finding someone who can meet your specific timeline with top-notch work. However, when you hire an interior designer, you can rest easy knowing that we bring with us a reliable network of skilled trades and contractors. Our industry contacts allow us to schedule and manage projects, which saves you countless hours of internet research.

Designers have the ability to procure trade-only furniture, lighting, fabric, and other materials that are inaccessible to the general public. A well-designed home never goes unnoticed. Attempting to tackle the task alone leaves you juggling various elements, while a designer possesses the invaluable expertise in space planning and essential design tools. Once we complete our design, your home (or office) will not only exude beauty and cohesiveness, but also be thoughtfully arranged and highly functional. It also won’t look like a showroom of any particular retail store because we have access to soooo many products.

Working with an interior designer gives you access to custom-made furnishings that are tailored with you in mind. Our clients love the character and luxury that one-of-a-kind and handcrafted furniture brings.

Our Conclusion

… and WHEN to hire an interior designer

To hire an interior designer is a very personal choice and you should make sure that you connect with the designer or design team, with regards to style, process, presentation, and investment level. We understand the emotional aspect of the design process, and we’re very deliberate about our approach to design and the relationship we build with every one of our clients. The decisions you make aren’t only about what looks good on paper and in photos; they’re also personal decisions. We will take into account your lifestyle, daily habits, and any other aspects of your home life that are important to you.

Many assume that interior designers exclusively handle aesthetic elements like decorating or styling. But, what our interior design studio is really best at and what provides our clients the best outcome involves the gamut of interior architecture, interior design, space planning, project management, procurement, and client advocacy. The average homeowner cannot accomplish all of these on their own, further highlighting the importance of having a designer by your side.

At our core, we’re all about bringing our wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to every project we take on. Our pride comes from our ability to genuinely connect with our clients, listening attentively to their needs and desires. We want to create spaces that go beyond the ordinary, spaces that truly feel like havens for your everyday life.

To connect with us to discuss your interior design project, we would love to hear from you. You can either directly schedule a call or contact us by filling out our contact form if you prefer email as a first step.

When you hire an interior designer, thoughtful deliberation is crucial. Homeowners often underestimate the intricacies involved in interior design and/or renovation projects, and only seek assistance when they are already feeling overwhelmed. By involving us early in the process, we can help alleviate the stress of your design project, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for you.