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9 Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2022

Design Trends

Sep 4, 2022

Well into 2022 and here we are: we’re writing about the interior design trends we saw emerge in the last few months (and years) and think are here to stay. We are a full-service interior design firm in Sacramento that doesn’t like to follow trends but there are a few “tendencies” we see in the world of interior design that are hard to ignore. New products and technologies usually materialize along with trends, and we’re excited to include them into our designs if we think that they are here to stay.

As any prudent interior designer, we keep up to date on the latest in order to think ahead of the curve and anticipate designs that will be high on the list of desires for future home buyers. We think it’s important to create value and not just beauty, which includes knowing what’s to be expected in the industry. The real estate value of our clients’ homes is always a very important consideration for us throughout the project duration.

Follow along below as we’re guiding you through the most significant interior design trends. We’re already creating our list for 2023 ;) Just a few more months …

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modern mediterranean - minimalist kitchen design with zellige tile backsplash

Slow Living in Life and Interiors

In a fast paced world, the movement focuses on doing things not just slower but better and with intention. A slow living lifestyle encourages one to live in self-awareness and make conscious, purposeful decisions for the benefit of one’s well-being and that of the planet. It means being present and in the moment. In the world of interiors, this mindset is reflected in simpler less styled interiors that are minimalistic and functional. The movement celebrates quality over quantity, living with intent, being conscious, and considered. For finish materials and furnishings alike, we always encourage our clients to invest in quality or save and wait. Sustainability and VOC content are part of our considerations as well. To be clear: we apply those values to the design of minimalistic interiors and to maximalism ;)

Design by Georgia Ezra

plaster walls in a modern Malibu home

Plaster Walls and Interior Plants

Walls that are plastered and/or covered in a lime wash (Portola Paint for example) are the new signature of warm modernist interiors.

“Plaster walls are kind of the antithesis of developer style,” says New York interior designer Gregory Rockwell. “Our suggestion for this type of application is always to cover all the walls and ceilings in the same color and finish,” Rockwell says.

Design by Alexander Design

2022 design trends - include vintage pieces

Include Vintage Pieces

During the pandemic, supply chain issues and labor shortage made lead times extremely long and unreliable. Selecting vintage pieces saved the day in many cases for us but they are also here to stay. Vintage pieces aid in creating interiors that have a layered look; interiors that are both timeless and relevant, reflecting our clients’ tastes.

For this home, one of my favorite collectible design items was used: midcentury Henning Kjaernulf Razor chairs, surrounding a 19th-century farmhouse dining table.

Design by Meghan Eisenberg

Architecture by Jeff Troyer

paper lantern over entry table from Lulu & Georgia

Paper Lanterns

Paper lantern pendants are as much sculpture as light fixtures. Like glowing sculptures, hanging paper lanterns cast a warm, ambient glow and bring a touch of playfulness to any room. They have been a modern classic since the early 1950s when American designer Isamu Noguchi reimagined the candlelit paper lanterns invented in Asia nearly 2,000 years ago.

Akari Light Sculptures by Isamu Noguchi are considered icons of modern design. Designed by Noguchi beginning in 1951 and handmade for a half century by the original manufacturer in Gifu, Japan, the paper lanterns are a harmonious blend of Japanese handcraft and modernist form. The lamps are created from handmade washi paper and bamboo ribbing, supported by a metal frame.

Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu and Georgia

Curvy furniture and organic shapes

Luxury homes oftentimes have large rooms with high ceilings and we are missing comfort sometimes. We want to install a sense of place and homeliness into those interiors. One way to do that is by sourcing furniture with organic round shapes. They create a welcome contrast and we love the walking patterns these furniture layouts create as well.

Design by Jamie Bush

Architecture by Noah Walker

Plaster Lighting

Plaster Lighting has been used in classic yet creative interiors for a while now and the trend has finally made it into the production lines of mainstream brands and manufacturers, making plaster lighting an attainable interior design trend.

We encourage people considering building a new home and remodeling their existing home to consider this type of lighting – it’s here to stay. We could dedicate a whole blog post to just plaster lighting: sconces, chandeliers, pendants. They work great in entries, hallways, and living areas. We love how they blend in with walls or can create a fun contrast with colorful wallpaper; something we will follow up with in our trend report for 2023..

Design by Joseph Dirand

Represented by Dessell Partners

moody mudroom in burgundy color blocking and alabaster lighting

Color Blocking

Use a dramatic fun color on the lower part of the wall and keep it neutral on the rest of the wall. It’s a very easy way to make your interiors more interesting and to integrate a color that you might love but that you might also be scared of at the same time.

This picture actually shows two other big trend (and personal obsessions) we’re seeing: the color Burgundy and lighting made with alabaster stone.

You can see how good interior design can marry a rustic farmhouse such as this with fashion forward vibes.

Design by Studio Shamshiri

Photography by Shade Degges Photography

Lighting by MCDE through CARA+Co.

white powder coated steel doors in a Belgian design shower

White Steel Doors and Windows

You have probably seen or even owned steel doors and windows. Usually, they are black or bronze but we L O V E them powder coated in white. They are the epitome of sophisticated interiors. We love to use them as shower doors or interior room divisions – this is one interior design trend that’s here to stay. We consider it a timeless classic that is experiencing a revival in the interior design world.

Design by Kaemingk Design

Dior Pop-Up Spa in the Hamptons - Chinoiserie is a huge interior design trend in 2022 and 2023; primarily in blue and white but also really cool in red and white


Chinoiserie is a Western style of decorative art that drew upon Chinese motifs and techniques. The style was used widely throughout European art, furniture, and architecture during the 17th and 18th centuries, and it’s very much back in style these days. We see the pattern in tile and fabrics especially and love the sophisticated look it adds instantly to any interior or exterior.

Dior has recently opened the Dioriviera pop-up at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa. I can only say: “Hampton’s lifestyle at its best.”

Btw, if you’re interested in those side tables, they are from a new collection by CB2.

Chinoiserie is also a design trend we will talk about for the next year, but in the colors red and white. We find this pattern very interesting and refreshing to use in many interiors, as it can be used in both modern homes as well as for traditional furniture pieces. It looks great with a good fringe skirt.

Interior Design Trends 2022 – we compiled a list including some valuable tips for the interior design enthusiasts among you. It’s never just about trends but also how to implement them into your home in a way that’s timeless and complements the style of your home. We believe that you should NOT recreate what you’ve seen at the last open house or model home. Create and design ahead of the curve; it will add so much value to your real estate investment.