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Interior Design Trends – What to Expect in 2023

Design Trends

Feb 22, 2023

Interior design has seen its fair share of trends over the years. It may not be as fickle as fashion but the pendulum swings back and forth every few decades with new styles gracing us at each turn. Designers alike take these changes in stride as they reinvent classic elements into their own modern creations – following today’s ever changing standards of beauty within our homes. We usually are not much about trends but rather adhere to a timeless interior. Nevertheless, we also embrace new adventures as our interiors evolve with each trade show we visit, each client we serve, and the inspiration we gather while collaborating with other designers and furniture makers.

The overarching trend of the past year, expected to continue into 2023, is biophilia, or love of nature — a collective appreciation of organic materials such as stone, wood, and bronze – all symbols of Mother Nature we can bring into our homes without leaving them. After so much unwelcome confinement during peak COVID, the desire to connect with the natural world has become a dominant theme.

We live in a vibrant, ever-evolving world of design. This is reflected in both colorful and neutral interior trends that seem to be going hand in hand. From generally brighter color palettes we see throughout the business of home to Wabi Sabi-inspired designs inspired by Japanese aesthetics, it’s clear we’re embracing an environment where the art of living is just as important as how great things look!

You will see in the following paragraphs that a lot of the design considerations and trends play into each other. Interiors are not merely about looking pretty and fulfilling functional needs anymore. They are about connection: connection to nature and connection to oneself and each other.

Designing meaningful experiences involves more than just the object or physical environment—it’s about creating something that resonates and engages with its audience in a memorable way. As designers, we don’t just follow the next best interior design trends. It’s very important to us at Haven Studios that we create interiors that evoke a lasting feeling of comfort and belonging. When you’re ready to take a journey towards a new feeling of home, please contact us and let’s go together on that journey.

The “Trend” to Rule Them All: Biophilia

Biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. We wouldn’t describe it as a trend but rather a lifestyle that resonates with people, especially on the West Coast where outdoor living is a prevalent design concept.

We covered the Mandeville Canyon Project, designed by Noah Walker and Jamie Bush before and wanted to include it again here because it perfectly embodies an array of architectural design elements, such as the connection to the outdoors, the use of natural materials, and organic shapes.

The boundary between inside and outside is practically dissolved in this living room. All the glass steel doors can be pocketed away to erase any traces of separation.

Everything about this custom home invites to connect. The seating invites to conversation with each other. The outdoor space invites to look out and admire the surroundings.

Interior Design Trends 2023 - Biophilia. Contemporary home in Los Angeles by Noah Walker and Jamie Bush

The highly curated interiors are a collaboration between Walker Workshop and Los Angeles-based interior design studio Jamie Bush + Co.

Burl Wood

burl wood desk in the home office of Danielle Siggerud, a Danish Architect who also designs furniture; shown with iconic Pierre Jeanneret chair

Office in the home of architect Danielle Siggerud.
Photo taken for the book “Live Beautiful” by Athena Calderone via CARA+Co.
Danielle designed the Mattina Desk for her husband in elm to symbolize family roots and a new growing generation.
Chairs by Pierre Jeanneret.
Black painting by Danielle helself.
Vase by Anders Tage

When it comes to interior design trends, burl wood furniture and cabinets have certainly stood the test of time. Their unique grain patterns give an unmistakable beauty and warmth to any interior, making them a top pick for interior designers. Burl wood pieces are distinct enough to draw attention, yet subtle enough to remain timelessly elegant – ensuring your space will stay in style dozens of years from now. Even if you don’t consider yourself a trendsetter, incorporating a few pieces into your interior gives you just enough of an edge without going too over-the-top.

Clements Design and Waldo Design creates a relaxing bedroom fro Kylie Jenner

The above bedroom is the home of KRis Jenner, the bed, bench, and side tables are all custom. Artwork (left) by Yoshitomo Nara. Design by Waldo’s Designs and Clements Design.

Say “hello” to more color! That might be a moody interior or happy-go-lucky bright and cheerful colors. We can help you design a beautiful interior that’s reflective of who YOU are! Colors that are especially popular are emerald green, sage green, burned orange, mustard yellow, and light grey blues. You can look forward to more uplifting interiors in general – an interior design trend we welcome with open arms.

bedroom design inspiration in New York City

In the primary bedroom, Ingo Maurer table lamps, 1970s Pierre Paulin chairs, and a custom bed dressed in a John Derian coverlet. Painting by Ernst Yohji Jaeger. (Architectural Digest) , INTERIOR DESIGN BY Studio Giancarlo Valle

bright living room designed by Billy Cotton

Billy Cotton‘s Brooklyn-based firm masterfully crafts bespoke spaces that embrace playful forms and colors. His interiors are a great inspiration for our more colorful design projects.

All items shown above are made by And Objects, a luxury furniture maker from London.

Colorful eclectic home decor is part fo this trend as well. We see this currently limited to high-end luxury brands but it will surely make it down the mainstream retailers soon enough. We definitely advise to tread with caution when it comes to this type of home decor as the beauty and character of these interior decor products is very much defined by their quality of craftsmanship and level of detail. Lower end retailer just cannot get to this level and you will see it for sure. These are items to splurge on and and can be used sporadically if you’re on a budget. They will make a high impact though and can elevate your interior as a whole. We see it as an interior design trend that is here to stay when not over-used. It requires a very well-trained eye to be able to coordinate many colors and patterns. We suggest to not design by yourself when you cream to have thoughtfully designed and curated home.

The Return of Warm Colors and Wood Tones

Interior designers have recently been focusing on introducing wood tones and a neutral palette into interior design, while taking a step away from the cool grey colors of the recent decade. Whether it’s in the form of reclaimed wooden flooring or wall panels, these warm tones make interiors more inviting and cozy. The idea is to combine stylish accents with these earthy colors, creating an interior that radiates warmth and energy. It can be a challenge to create an interesting interior when working with a neutral color palette but it can produce stunning timeless results when done right – one that defies interior design trends and will remain relevant for years to come.

Studio Lifestyle entry foyer; interior design at its finest in Los Angeles

Flush-mount lights by Atelier de Troupe shine in this warm and inviting entry space design by Studio Lifestyle. On the right is a painting from Galerie Half. Photos by Sam Frost. Styled by Colin King.

Modern Chic

Lime-washed walls and a dark-wood island embrace a Japanese ethos in this kitchen designed by Wijaya. The stools add a distinctive Scandinavian flare.  Photo: Alex Zarour

A kitchen always deserves special care in any home. The overall look and especially the cabinetry can define not only kitchen itself but also the surrounding spaces such as the dining room and living room. Make sure that the kitchen design sets the mood for your home.

Maximalism (but Make it Chic and Modern)

This might just be an extension of our love for Modern Chic Interiors. We could seriously write a dedicated article about maximalism in interior design alone. Luxurious patterns are layered upon more patterns and textured fabrics to create a richly decorated space. And, don’t forget to add the obligatory green and organic shapes while you’re at it.

chic apartment in Paris designed by Hugo Toro

Parisian home designed by Hugo Toro showcases plenty of sculptural touches. Photography by Stephan Julliard

Apparatus Studio bedroom in New York - Manhattan interior designer - Haven Studios

A custom brass bed is topped with a bedcover and bolster in Zak+Fox fabrics. The pendant and nightstand are by Apparatus.

The artwork on the pedestal is by Peter Brooke-Ball, and the piece over the bed is by Liam Pitts.

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

dining room with sculptural plaster fireplace in Paris

A travertine fireplace complements chairs by Willy Rizzo. The sofa is by Pierre Augustin Rose, the table and chandelier are by Garnier & Linker, and the nesting bowls by Jaimal Odedra.

Photography by Stephan Julliard

Fringed Furniture

If fringe ever seemed too whimsical for your home interior, think again! Last year has seen the rise of fringed decor taking over our living spaces. What used to be found only in very traditional and highly embellished homes has come a long way. Interior designers are embracing this lively accent into even modern home designs – adding a playful touch to enhance the aesthetic. So don’t shy away; let yourself get creative with some dazzling flair today! We love to coordinate it with a luxurious velvet fabric like on this custom-made sectional in a media room.

beautiful velvet sectional with fringed skirt

Design by Banda Property

Emphasis on Wellness

Wellness is top of mind in the home. We focus on creating soothing environments that promote self-care. From integrating natural touches such as plants or biophilic elements like wood finishes to mimicking sensory experiences through scented candles or organic fabrics – the idea is to create calming interiors that help manage stress levels while offering respite after long days at work indoors! This has made wellness design an approach that’s increasingly popular for 2023 – one which seeks to create sustainable havens conducive towards slowing down and living a healthier and more peaceful life. For example, you can create spaces that are more zen, by adding spas to the home, and by bringing nature and the outdoors inside. A selection of natural materials is always a good choice to create a calming atmosphere. We use it for both our residential and commercial interior design projects.

serene bathroom in East Hampton - interior designer - interior design trends 2023 is to use natural materials and focus on well-being

The primary bathroom, designed by Jordan Carlyle, interior designer in East Hampton, NY, is a soothing sanctuary for the senses. A Clay Bathtub by Studio Loho serves as the crowning glory. The fixtures were sourced from Watermark, and the frosted glass doors are the Lyle-594 variant by Bendheim Glass.

Transparent Touches

Ethereal details will rule the fashion and interior design trends scene in 2023. Transparent objects, with an airy and lightly tinted design, help us free up space visually to allow our eyes to move and wonder. Alabaster lighting will continue to be a big thing in the interior design world. As people look for ways to create a sense of harmony and balance in their homes, natural materials that glow will be the answer. We can’t wait to see how this trend takes shape over the next couple of years!

Apparatus Studio showroom in Los Angeles

Apparatus Studio has been a longtime source of ours for stunning lighting choices. The company has been for years an innovative force at the upper echelons of design world taste and talent. Their Segment Dining Table supported on hand-cast resin legs and the Cloud Chandelier both demonstrate a trend toward more ethereal touches.

glass tables - interior design trends 2023

These Soda Side Tables made by Miniforms are a work of art and have won their fair chair of design awards since 2021. They are blown, drawn out, and shaped by three master glassmakers. The result is a single volume of glass with three large petals forming the stem.

The rippling texture of the Soda table showcases class and ethereal beauty, and the uniqueness of the glass provides extraordinary effects of light and shadow. The glass coffee table is available in amber and petrol green as well as 2 new colors – blue and amethyst (in the interest of more color again).

Loomis interior designer - Haven Studios - remodeled custom home originally built by Hills Construction

The Buitenhuis Chandelier, designed by Dirk van der Kooij, is a segmented halo composed of twinkling, 3D-printed arcs. A two-way pulley system ensures smooth, dynamic tilting. Each arc is built slowly from ribbons of molten recycled plastic. Sourced from rooftop windows, safety glasses, and industrial chocolate moulds, this unlikely material gifts durability and glasslike transparency to the design – a wonderful example of sustainable design.

We installed this chandelier in one of our interior design projects in Loomis, CA – a home remodel in the Sierra de Montserrat community.

Natural Materials

Say goodbye to grey and hello to warmth! The use of wood, plaster, and bronze are among the most popular and most fabulous choices. Interior design is trending towards a calming palette of wood tones, from deep burnt oranges and sandy yellows, all the way through soft blues & pale greens. The combination creates an inviting atmosphere that is both restorative for body & soul – plus modern too!

 Collarte Interiors used a lot of those natural materials in this Mediterranean-style Miami living room — in the mottled beamed ceiling, a stone coffee table, leather chairs, a Scandinavian armchair, unlacquered brass sconces, a slip-covered sofa (in natural linen fabric), and sculptural stools and side tables.

Artisanal Furniture and Decor

The vast majority of designers buy custom-made pieces. It’s the beauty of this industry: to have access to a tremendous amount of products and I enjoy every single trip to trade shows for that very reason. We can pretty much alter any piece of furniture if you know the right furniture makers to work with. There are many artisanal makers to choose from as well as vintage and antique sources.

Especially since COVID presented us with the challenge of verrrrrry long lead times, we have purchased more vintage pieces. In addition, it’s clear from several industry stats that purchases from artisanal makers are strong and steadily rising. No matter what interior design trends are currently dominant, in our opinion, that’s how you get highly original results!

curated home in Scarsdale, NY
interior design trends 2023
interior design studio in New York

Intriguing and eclectic living room from a Scarsdale, New York, home designed by Lucy Harris Studio.


According to many surveys of interior design magazines and agencies, sustainability was identified as THE biggest trend most likely to continue in 2023. To enhance the sustainability of our planet, more and more businesses in both the design and production industries are adopting eco-friendly practices. This includes harvesting sustainable woods, repurposing natural materials and fabrics, maximizing light utilization to reduce energy consumption as well as utilizing houseplants for improved air quality.

sustainable net-zero home 
contemporary architecture

Located on an isolated property overlooking the Pacific just north of Santa Barbara, this minimalist, modern house fits discretely into the landscape. Designed by Anacapa Architecture and Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, it consists of two board-formed concrete structures that are partially bermed into the hillside, opening out to the ocean view below. Sustainability was a major driver in the design of this contemporary home.

Hemp insulation is a great sustainable alternative to the usual choices (see below picture on the right).

Left picture: Sustainability is also important to many furniture makers these days striving to produce home goods in a socially responsible way. Verellen is one of our favorite design partners and upholstery suppliers not just because of their unpeckable design and quality but also because of their love of community. It’s a company that strives to craft a product that is healthy for people and nature. We always appreciate sustainable design paired with honest, natural materials.

plaster coffee table - interior design trends 2023


Surrealism in Interior Design and Art

Surrealism is making a comeback! It’s no surprise that in today’s unsteady world, people are looking for creative ways to escape the reality they’re living. From fashion to art and interior design, we’re delighted by how surrealist themes offer us an alternate universe filled with beauty and wonder. By embracing this trend, our imaginations can run wild as never before seen designs come alive around us – creating opportunities for expression unlike anything else.

Surrealism - interior design trends 2023

Curved forms are a recurring theme in the home of Apparatus’s Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson.

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Franzen

From architectural detailing to cabinets and furniture, curves are continuously on the rise. Of all the interior design trends, this is one we love to use especially for the ability to layer materials; for example, on the wall and the curved panel itself. They also make great room dividers and headboards as the examples below show.

Proper Hotel in Austin, TX.
Designed by Kelly Wearstler

One of my favorite examples is this curved headboard panel at the Austin Proper Hotel located in Austin, Texas. The hotel was designed by Handel Architects alongside interior designer Kelly Wearstler, the queen of maximalism. This bed is custom made with an integrated nightstand and light fixture. textures and layers of different materials help this bedroom to feel warm, inviting and personal, unlike most other hotel rooms.

Left picture: Design by Alan Jensen ◦ Center Picture: Design by Atelier MKD ◦ Right Picture: Design by Yinji Space

Interior Windows and Defined Rooms

Homeowners are increasingly interested in distinct rooms within their homes rather than a completely open floor concept. Steel windows and doors are also fast becoming a popular interior trend, adding an elegant flair to any space. Whether it’s classic french doors, interior windows, or folding room dividers, they allow for natural light while providing some separation. This can be a great feature for dining rooms, kitchens, and spaces that need some quiet at times!

kitchen design with steel glass window. interior designer in Sacramento to remodel home

A dirty kitchen separated by a window from the entertainment kitchen facing the living room. Design by Rob Diaz, who’s a home developer in Los Angeles and created an amazing home in Beverly Hills.

elegant modern Soho Loft in NYC; interior designer manhattan, new york

Soho LOft in NYC, Designed by Christina Cole. This den includes a curved sofa by Dmitriy and Co.. The hammered-bronze coffee table was already owned by her New York City clients. The bronze lamp with conical paper shade is by J. Randall Powers for VISUAL COMFORT.

Photo by Lindsay Brown

Are you interested in staying up to date with the most current interior design trends? Want an inside look at what your home could resemble in 2023? Read on to learn some predictions we have regarding popular choices in colors, materials, shapes, and textures that dominate the interior design world to come.

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