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Design Trends 2019

Design Trends

Aug 23, 2019

August, already?? 2019 is flying by and we are ready to pause and reflect back on some of our favorite trends we’ve seen so far this year. Soon these hot summer days will begin to wind down and transition into fall, which we all know means a busy holiday season is right around the corner. Now might be the time for you to start investing in projects around your home so you can properly entertain your family and friends.

We are big advocates of “emotional design” as our homes have such an impact on our well being. It’s important to create a home that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. We’re so happy to see more homes become about well-being as well as inspiration and not only about function and beauty – this is very exciting! Let’s grow, evolve and explore some design trends for 2019. If you have any questions or just need a fresh perspective on your space, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Be Bold

2019 is all about being bold. Don’t just recreate what you saw at your neighbor’s or friend’s house or in the model home you last visited. Being bold can have many meanings: choosing color, mixing vintage and modern, or adding unique lighting fixtures. Bold colors and patterns are also a great way to show a little pizazz, whether it’s in furniture fabrics, wallpaper, backsplashes, or floor tiles.

Just keep in mind to follow a common thread throughout your home; you still want everything to jive well together.

Project in New York City

Design by Robert Stilin


Mindful Minimalism in Interior Design

Have you heard of the new Netflix Show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’? It’s very popular and leans on a new lifestyle movement that people seek within this very busy world: free yourself of the things that don’t spark joy within you. Minimalism allows you to be more purposeful and mindful about things you purchase and bring into your home. It helps you to be more present with the people you share your home with and be inspired by the things you surround yourself with. Try it! It really does work.

We love minimalism in architectural detailing especially as it gives you a neutral background for your style. And it’s just plain TIMELESS :)

Design by Nathalie Deboel


Bespoke Pieces to Elevate Your Interiors

There’s a shift from functional furniture to art furniture. Handcrafted pieces take on added value. It seems that in a world that moves faster and faster, we gain a deeper appreciation for things that are made slower and by hand.

Just like fashion is moving away from the safe and embracing the memorable, furniture and interiors in general become an expression of lifestyle and mood.

Design by Kelly Wearstler

haven-studios_HOUSE De Bayser 1.jpg

Parisian Art Deco

An Interior Design Trend with Major Staying Power – It’s All About Collectible Design and Creating a Sophisticated Vibe

I think we need to write a whole section just for this one – that’s how much we love it and how much it is popping up everywhere around us. This will around for quite a while.

Minimalistic, clean, and curated, this style loves CURVES. There’s usually a lot of symmetry created with one curved sofa and a pair of chairs across, very little accessorizing, and lots of art, especially sculptural pieces. It tends to be minimal yet interesting and warm.

Home of Emmanuel de Bayser and Joseph Voelk in Berlin, Germany

KR_Woodside_living room_havenstudios.jpg

Using Bleached Oak for Your Furniture

White Oak in all shapes and forms is used in cabinetry and furniture alike. Nothing like the yellow/orange oak that we know from those outdated kitchen cabinets; no, this is clean and modern.


Island Vibe

Maybe this is because we are interior designer out of Sacramento, CA and the beach is extra close to our hearts. But seriously, let’s bring the vacation feeling into our every homes and include more greenery, white back drops, warm wood tones and woven furniture.

These dining chairs are amazing, aren’t they?!


Black Cabinetry

Black has officially made its comeback. And we are sure it’s here to stay. You are guaranteed to find this color on cabinets, counters, doors, trim, tile, you name it! Paired with a light or neutral palette, black has the ability to make the space look fresh and sharp. People have feared that this color may be too harsh or will make the space feel small, but because of it’s dark, rich nature, it can give provide a rich and luxurious appeal. It’s a timeless color that can mix well with anything.

Project in Hancock Park, CA

Design by Simo Design


Materials Matter

People are becoming more selective about the materials and products they invite into their homes. It starts in construction materials and finish choices, such as flooring, but also translates into paint, furnishings and really all products we place in our homes. Choosing natural materials, such as wood and wool, will make your home visually and physically more comfortable but also healthier and more ”breathable”.

Project in New York City (443 Greenwich)

Design by Sissy & Marley


Lighting Details

Choosing Lighting Fixtures is Major Part of Our Everyday Interior Design Process.

I’d be very disappointed in a home that only included a ceiling fan and a few recessed cans in every room. There are so many ways to create impactful lighting: floor pins, coves, accent walls, lit stair rails – the opportunities are endless! The right lighting makes a home crisp and gorgeous in daytime, moody and dramatic in the evening. It takes a lot of thought and layers to create proper lighting for every task and time of the day but the work that goes into a proper lighting plan is well worth it! Make sure to research lighting makers thoroughly; there are many artisans emerging in the US.

This sconce with genuine horse hair is made by Apparatus Studio in New York City and it’s a show stopper!!

Interior Design Trends in 2019 – be bold with your choices and more selective in the furniture you invest in