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Kitchen Design Trends That are Here to Stay

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Dec 14, 2023

Design trends in the kitchen come and go. From bold statement pieces to sleek modern designs that offer convenience and style, it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of kitchen design. However, certain features have more staying power than others, ones that are practical, timeless, and offer an overall improved user experience for those looking to upgrade their kitchens with a new look. As interior designers; we walk (or run) the balance between trend and timeless design on an everyday base basis.

In this blog post we will explore twelve design trends worth considering if you want your kitchen remodel to stand the test of time beyond 2023. We’ll take a closer look at why they are so enduringly popular and provide tips on bringing them into your space in manageable ways that still make a big impact when it comes to creating the perfect cooking environment.

Spot Lights (instead of Pendant Lighting)

There might be several reasons why not to use the “famous” pendant lights over the kitchen island. Contractors and clients alike often question this as “weird” because we all have so accustomed to using pendants. We like to think outside the box and here are some reasons why you might re-consider as well. Depending on your reason, using spot lights instead of pendants might not just be a kitchen design trend but a very smart design choice.

(1) Consider Spot Lights when Your Kitchen has Short Ceilings.

As interior designers, we come across many challenges with designing kitchens that have short ceilings. Using spot lights or also called mono points in your kitchen design can be one solution to this problem. Pendants can feel intrusive in some kitchens or distract form other things like a feature range hood or beautiful windows. These lights are a great way to add style to your kitchen, without taking up too much space. Mono points are much more interesting interior design features than plain old recessed lights. They also don’t require a housing which can create space issues in the ceiling of older homes. Spotlights can be installed directly onto the ceiling and we’re free to place them where it’s suits the functionality of your kitchen best. They also allow you to easily direct light to specific areas of your kitchen, allowing for more customized lighting options.

Design by Anne Claus Interiors

You’ll find an excellent example of using spot lights in a kitchen above. Where rustic and modern live well coordinated in a homey kitchen. A rustic ceiling with exposed beams and flooring boards brings balance to the modern kitchen cabinets. We love combining new and old in our interior design projects.

(2) Installing Spot Lights is a Cleaner Look Compared to Pendant Lights.

Pendant lights can be pretty distracting hanging over your kitchen island. If you love simplicity, then mono points might be your better choice. Pendants can also cause visual distraction from the other elements in your kitchen. If you already have a lot of detail going on, adding pendants might not be the right choice. Spot lights – sometimes called “solitaires” – on the other hand provide a clean modern look that don’t distract from the other details in your kitchen design.

(3) Pendant Lights Would Obstruct Your View

Have you ever struggled to watch TV while washing the dishes at the kitchen island? Sometimes, pendants are just in the way. That can also be true for tall people. If the pendants are not sufficiently far placed towards the center of the kitchen island, a tall person might hit their head on them.

Design by MT Home

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets in kitchens have become the interior design trend lately, and with good reason. Not only do they make a practical option that is resistant to heat and moisture, allowing them to stand up to the wear and tear of a busy kitchen; they also offer an attractive way to store food without compromising on style. Additionally, the juxtaposition of modernity coupled with classic décor makes the perfect accompaniment for today’s contemporary kitchen island style. In short, stainless steel cabinets are the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality that can elevate your kitchen interior while providing a timeless look.

If you’re planing a renovation, waste no time to hire a designer and draw up some plans. As advocates for historical preservation, we usually try to preserve as much of the historic house as possible, and keep alterations to a minimum. Sure, a few walls usually have to be moved, the kitchen and all bathrooms should be thoughtfully redone, and dark spaces tend to become bright and airy. An old home can adjust to modern living while retaining the characteristic of its past history.

If you’re interested in the renovation of historic homes, we recommend you check out another post of ours that covers more about that topic. Our interior design studio is also a proud member of Preservation Sacramento.

The stainless steel cabinets exude a sleek and contemporary design that complements various natural elements seamlessly.

Smith transformed a dark wood-paneled office den into a light-filled kitchen that opens onto the back patio. The stainless steel cabinets of the island are made by Brooks Custom Cabinetry in , the fittings are by Dornbracht, the Mario Bellini stools are by Cassina, and the pendants are vintage. Interior Photography by William Jess Laird. Interior Styling by Bebe Howorth, Senior editor with Elle Decor.

Stainless Steel Cabinets in Modern Kitchens

Small kitchen renovation with brushed stainless steel counters and marble backsplash.


Tamsin Johnson designed a small kitchen with all around brushed stainless steel cabinets. It’s a sleek, modern design to make any home-lover swoon. But the clever incorporation of natural materials such as marble and wood adds warmth without compromising on contemporary style – creating an inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy your culinary creations!

“I have always wanted to design an entirely stainless steel kitchen. I find the material beautifully understated and here it is a fitting accompaniment to the owner’s streamlined lifestyle.”

-Tamsin Johnson
Stainless steel cabinet create a stylish touch. A full marble backsplash elevates your kitchen.
The space is enhanced by heavily veined marble and stainless steel cabinet fronts. Spotlights illuminate the area, adding to its appeal.

This kitchen combines two major trends: heavily veined marble and stainless steel cabinet fronts

This kitchen is a chic, modern masterpiece! Every cabinet surface shines with the industrial gleam of stainless steel – from countertops to rangehoods and even floating shelves next to the windows. Appliances are concealed behind sleek push-latched doors for an uncluttered look. To break up all that metal, warm parquet floors contribute rich tones plus overlays of Calacatta Viola marble in hues like pink, purple and brown add just enough color to the space. Brass flushmounts by Apparatus Studio break the stainless steel cycle and bring in a warmer metal finish for contrast.

Stainless Steel Cabinets in Mountain Homes

Oh, the pleasure it is to design mountain homes! The space below highlights a few kitchen design trends we’ve been recently talking about with our clients in and around Lake Tahoe: stainless steel cabinets, rounded corners, tall cabinets, plaster lighting, plastered walls, individual burners (as opposed to a full range or cook top), etc. All seems to be combined in this interior design by Banda Property. We love a modern kitchen that emphasizes views and follows a timeless aesthetic.

Stainless steel islands can make a striking statement in your kitchen, especially when competing with scenic views, such as in this modern mountain home.

Kitchen Design and Rendering by Banda Property

What was once an industrial space was transformed into a beautiful kitchen by a couple who meticulously designed all the steel fixtures and fittings, including the door handles and pantry shelving behind the black dividing wall. I can appreciate the layout of this kitchen in particular. The pocket door practically disappears thanks to the black paint and seamless integration. The work station is cleverly tucked away right across the kitchen island and framed in stainless steel, backsplash and side walls included.

Stainless steel is a kitchen design trend that can be incorporated into various design styles, such as this industrial kitchen.
Work station is tucked away right across the kitchen island and framed in stainless steel, even including the backsplash.

Interior Design by Amelda Wilde

The Comeback of Wood

Our clients are expressing an increased interest in wood cabinets and finishes. Particularly, there’s a growing affinity for beautiful natural ash wood, which creates a rustic contemporary atmosphere. Ash could be considered the less expensive cousin of white oak, which we are already very familiar with through our custom furniture design. With its down-to-earth nature, wood adds layers of luxury to kitchen spaces in a modern manner. It allows us to infuse warmth and depth into a home.

Utilizing modern profiles, we can keep it modern while more detailed profiles can be used in homes with traditional interior design aesthetic. We find that homeowners crave a sense of tranquility and soothing color schemes. Texture and warmth play crucial roles in kitchen design. We observe a shift towards richer colors and less reliance on white (and grey), resulting in palettes that evoke a more personalized kitchen experience. We love the increased bravery some of our clients are showing.

The use of wood as the primary material in this kitchen adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the space, creating an inviting atmosphere. It's a kitchen design trend we adore very much.

Design by Poresbski Architects

Photo by Tom Ferguson

Look Out for the Rise of the Smart Kitchen

A kitchen design trend that is often overlooked but gadgets and advanced technology is here to stay and will drive how we use our kitchens in the future.

Yes, even your kitchen appliances are becoming smarter. Technological advancements are no longer limited to media rooms and sound systems but are making remarkable progress in the kitchen. Integrating smart-technology systems and options tailored to the needs of homeowners has been revolutionary and continuously evolving,. Now, you can have technology seamlessly integrated into various functions and appliances, ranging from smart faucets to smartphone-controlled ovens, and touch-closing cabinets. Smart kitchens truly exemplify the direction of luxury kitchen design. At our interior design studio we notice that the majority of clients spend more time at home; hence, we emphasize their desire for focus on the kitchen design not just from a perspective of beauty but also from a stance that simplify day-to-day tasks. Consequently, technology is driving the development of more sustainable kitchen environments, complete with air purifiers for clean air, smart gardens, and automatic composting machines.

Plaster Pendants

Plaster Pendants have enjoyed a consistent increase in popularity over the past few years. We might actually take every chance we get to mention them in our interior design blog entries. Plaster pendant lights build a beautiful juxtaposition with other natural materials, such as marble countertops and wood cabinets. We can highly recommend to use them in your kitchen renovation. We find that they go especially well in historic homes; they bring that modern touch with an old-world material appeal. Preserving the historic character of an older home is very important to us and we love to tackle home renovations that allow us to design with historic architectural details as an interior backdrop.

Plaster pendants offer a delightful means of enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen space with intricate details.

Kitchen Design and Rendering by Banda Property

Flower “Statement” Tiles, Murals, and Delft Tile

Another ode to maximalism is the use of floral tile in today’s kitchens, especially when you’re considering a renovation of a historic home. We selected an example designed by Studio Ashby, who created a flowering jewel box that marries elegance with bold aesthetics.

The kitchen had to be practical yet aesthetically pleasing to fulfill the client’s requests. To accomplish this, the team commissioned a hand-painted botanical mural for the backsplash, which adorns the entire room. They used Breccia Capraia marble countertops with green and purple veining, along with lower cabinets painted in Guatemala by Argile, complementing the meadow scene.

The tiling in this nook forms a captivating mural-like wall, eliminating the need for any additional framing.

The table, made of London plane wood known for its striped grain, is from Sister. The pendant light above the table is Beata Heuman’s, and the banquette is upholstered in durable mohair, surrounded by a pair of Grecian chairs from Howe. Photo by Kensington Leverne.

As interior designers, we often advise others on renovations, and our recommendation is to prioritize longevity of permanent finishes. You can take risks with art, accessories, lighting, and textiles, such as paint and wallpaper. However, it’s best to avoid making bold choices with flooring, tile, moldings, and windows, as these items can be costly to change. That being said, we’ve come to realize that playing it safe can result in living in an expensive yet unremarkable house. This then leads us to incorporate a statement tile into a design despite the risk. It doesn’t have to be quite as daring as the example of the mural above but can be placed in a pantry or laundry room. You can also opt for a more contemporary version of traditional delft tile or flower tile; there are many interpretations to choose from.

Kitchen Design Trend: Double Please

Double islands, double dishwasher, double sinks, double it ….

We’ve grown accustomed to the request for the double sink over the last years. What we’re seeing increasingly now, is a trend of general doubling up, whether it’s in the form of built-ins such as islands or hardworking appliances, such as dishwashers and ovens.

Let’s use the example of the double island:

This trend not only adds storage to your kitchen but also offers more space for food preparation and entertaining guests. With their streamlined appearance and ample counter space, double islands are the epitome of luxury. Double islands truly transform kitchens and serve as perfect gathering points. Having enough space for them is what true luxury is all about. We always evaluate the overall space that’s available for our design and the client’s functional needs when determining if a double island is advantageous or using up too much space. Sometimes, it can help balance the kitchen layout. Other times, it can throw off the kitchen design. It always depend son the adjacent spaces as well.

Other Kitchen Appliances On Double-Duty …

But that’s not all. Essential features in today’s kitchens include oversized or multiple refrigerators, dual dishwashers, and double ovens. With a renewed enthusiasm for hosting and spending time with loved ones post-pandemic, these appliances enhance the capacity for entertaining and make cleanup more convenient. Doubling on essential kitchen features supports multiple cooks in one kitchen in particular.

Our team of interior designers thinks that even in smaller spaces, this trend shouldn’t be dismissed. One might assume that having multiple fridges and dishwashers requires living in a mansion, but it’s all about clever concealment and strategic placement. Those who love to host events at home can benefit from doubling up to streamline large-scale party preparation. However, it’s important for the interior design team to create a cohesive flow and purposeful layout to make the space feel complete.

California kitchen using wooden cabinets and marble countertops

Kitchen Design and Interior Design of this California Home Renovation by WestBourne Studio

Freestanding Islands

You might think, what do we mean by that? Well, it’s an island that’s standing freely in your kitchen similar to a table. Unlike the usual built-in kitchen island, a freestanding piece is less bulky and can possibly save you quite a bit of money during your kitchen renovation project. We’ve started to see them more and more and are designing some for our upcoming home remodel projects in Sacramento. Sometimes, we custom design the piece; other times, we can find an option from the many furniture makers our interior design studio works with.

What used to be reserved for country style kitchens, is now popping up in all kinds of kitchen styles. Not only do these islands provide a unique touch to your kitchen, but they also can help save you money during your home renovation. So if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, consider adding a freestanding island and enjoy the benefits of both style and versatility.

INTERIOR DESIGN and architecture by Allied office

The Return of the Pot Rack

Pot racks may not be a groundbreaking invention, but they have taken over my social media feed and for good reason. With creative and daring integration into kitchen designs, these racks are not just functional, but also make a statement. Follow me on this journey as I take you through just a few pot rack inspiration examples.

Kitchen creatively hanging their pot rack on kitchen window

A kitchen with an abundance of natural light…floating shelves and pot racks right in front of a window.
Interior Design: @apriltomlininteriors
Photography by @paigerumorephoto
Architecture by @pfeffertorode

Interior designer Tamsin Johnson is renowned for her laid-back, lived-in, timeless interiors that ooze a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Her designs are original and elegant. I personally can’t get enough of the inspiration her design expertise provides to our industry.

Pot racks integrated on side kitchen for aesthetic  and function needs

Design by Flack Studio
Styling by Joseph Gardner
Interior Photography by Anson Smart
Published by Architectural Digest

Opaque Cabinet Fronts

When it comes to residential interior design, we will often prioritize functionality over decorative details in the kitchen. While conventionality has its place, incorporating simple yet elevated touches can make a significant impact. We always strive to strike the perfect balance between style and practicality and that certainly includes the kitchen.

Experience has shown us that design trends come and go. That includes kitchen design trends, of course. Every one at our interior design studio is very much in agreement that we want to create unique yet timeless designs, especially in a room where the investment can be so high. Some trends just never go out of style and this one s certainly one of those: opaque glass cabinet inserts.

It doesn’t matter if you got a compact kitchen or an expansive kitchen as part of a “great room”, you’re probably well-acquainted with the struggle of finding a space for all the things. Upper cabinets are for many still the best way to store things at a well-situated height for every day use. Luckily, glass doors are a fantastic option for connecting your kitchen to its surroundings. We feel this is true for smaller and larger spaces. With the ability to reflect light and create continuity between rooms, glass doors are a great way to visually expand your kitchen.

However, if you’re someone who likes to keep the inside of their cabinets under wraps, consider opting for an opaque treatment instead. With a little creativity, you can find a solution that meets both your aesthetic preferences and your practical needs. We used custom steel cabinets in our Lake Tahoe Project – explore our full home remodel in Truckee here.

A Consideration for Kitchens with Shorter Ceilings

Looking to elevate your kitchen design? The waterfall appearance of reeded glass will give your upper cabinets some added height and a visually captivating effect. This textured glass pairs beautifully with unconventional materials and industrial metals like brass, aged bronze, and copper. We love a good contrast of cabinet choices in a kitchen design.

This industrial yet sophisticated modern kitchen features sleek reeded glass cabinets

Upper Cabinetry, Amuneal; A-Frame Half-Dome Pendant Lamp, Allied Maker; Super White Quartzite Backsplash; Walnut Cabinetry and Island, Poliform; Stove, Gaggenau; Sink, Blanco; Faucet, Waterstone; Counter Stools in BDDW Fabric #4Thomas Hayes Studio.

West Village Apartment designed by Leroy Street Studio architect Marc Turkel and interior designer Jerry Cappiello. Photography by Annie Schlechter

Plumb Cabinet Color

We’re not just seeing the return to wood but also more color – much more color in this case below. Moody interiors are definitely on the rise and we’re very excited to see this happening. A neutral color can bring a relaxing atmosphere with it but it can also seem bland at times. The introduction of color allows us to introduce more character into our interior design process, tap into the psychology of color, and play with transition and progression of different rooms depending on function and personality of the homeowner.

Located in the West Village, the kitchen in the home below showcases a captivating blend of modern and vintage charm. The herringbone floors, mixed metal hardware, and statement marble exude an allure that is elegant, timeless, and sophisticated. In order to complement these sometimes bold style choices, we choose cream-colored furnishings and custom minimalist millwork, which bring balance to the space. The result is an engaging and cohesive environment that captivates the senses. We love when clients are on board with some brave design decisions like burgundy or plum colored cabinets.

A striking kitchen can be achieved by utilizing vibrant and captivating materials that exude bold colors like this one shown

Design by Cochineal Design

Photo by Joshua Mchugh

Heavily Veined Marble

One trend that has been gaining popularity recently is the use of heavily veined marble in kitchen countertops and other surfaces. This type of marble boasts striking visual appeal that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters your kitchen. The unique and intricate pattern of veins creates a sense of luxury and sophistication that can’t be found with other types of stone. Additionally, the light color tones of the marble can help to brighten up your kitchen, making it feel more open and spacious. So, if you’re considering a kitchen renovation anytime soon, be sure to keep heavily veined marble in mind as a potential option for your countertops and other surfaces.

Amber Lewis created a beautiful kitchen with dark wood cabinets and intensely veined Viola Marble. The result is both traditional in appearance yet timeless. The tiles barrel ceiling adds to the character of the kitchen and makes this one of my favorite kitchen design trends of the decade. I try to find any excuse to use marble.

Mix and Match

As a design novice, it might be intimidating to mix and match. It takes a well trained and experienced interior designer as well as a good portion of restraint to pull this off in way that looks intentional, not pieced together. You can see in the below pictures that several categories have been mixed here: colors, materials, metal finishes, and even styles.

Green kitchen cabinets are elevated by the addition of sky lights, creating an enhanced ambiance.

We are seeing a mix of materials being utilized in innovative and imaginative ways. Lower and upper cabinetry are thoughtfully crafted to make a statement individually while also harmonizing as a cohesive unit. These days, it’s all about mixing and matching: dark and light, glossy and matte, painted and natural wood tones. As interior designers, we are catering to the desires of homeowners who seek a distinctive, handcrafted appearance by incorporating metal trim on drawers and cabinets, along with a combination of custom hardware and hinges. Additionally, there’s a growing trend of embracing unconventional finishes, as well as the incorporation of metals in various applications and an extensive range of finishes. Kitchen trends have transcended beyond stainless steel, enabling us to elevate our designs to new heights.

Use Appliances as Statement Pieces

Regarding this kitchen design trend: we want to make the case for a range that stands out. Be brave. Don’t shy away from color.

I already mentioned before: at our interior design studio, we love bravery. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that we love THIS kitchen design trend. Beyond countertops and cabinetry, we see a an increased desire to incorporate design statements such as ultra-unique ranges. Some of our clients are looking for super high-end ranges in fashionable colors and animated hoods that become the focal point of the room. From an aesthetic perspective, kitchens will continue to have clean lines that utilize integrated panels to hide workhorse appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators.

But at the same time, there is a renewed interest in statement ranges by brands like La Cornue, AGA, Officine Gullo, and L’atelier Paris. More and more of these are also offering induction cooktop options even though they look like old-school gas ranges. If you need guidance in selecting the most suitable range or other appliances for your kitchen renovation, please contact us here. We’re here to help you with all things interior design: starting with space planning down to the furniture selection and interior decoration to complete the look.

Interior Design by Marissa Corvino

Photography by Nicole Franzen


view more views here

Interior Design by Amber Lewis

Hide It Away

This Kitchen Design Trend is a New Interpretation of the Old Appliance Garage

We like to utilize retractable cabinet doors to conceal smaller appliances, like coffee machines, toasters, and blenders. When the doors are shut, the space is elegant and doesn’t feel cluttered but when the doors are open, the nooks become powerhouse stations of the kitchen.

Built by Nordiska Kök

Above picture: A beautiful wooden kitchen where strong contrasts create personality. The tall cabinets accommodate both a built-in wall oven and storage showing another way how to use cabinet pocket doors in your kitchen design.

Smart solutions are the key to good kitchen design and anything that helps to keep a kitchen well organized is always welcome. Retractable cabinet doors allow everyday things to be quickly accessed and hidden, which in a turn creates a calmer atmosphere in today’s more open plan kitchen. It’s a great solution for kitchens that don’t have the space available for a pantry or scullery. It also helps in keeping your work zones relatively tight, so that the distance between appliances doesn’t require lots of “traveling”.

Interior Design and Rendering provided by rhyme team

Back-of-house kitchen

There is an increasing demand for a separate, functional kitchen space as mentioned. Our clients seek an area where they can comfortably host dinner parties, put finishing touches on their meals, and interact with guests, all while keeping dirty dishes out of sight. This is where the concept of a scullery kitchen comes in, providing a dedicated space for cooking, prepping before guests’ arrival, or even for private chefs. On the other hand, a primary “show” kitchen, usually connected to public areas of the home, can still be part of the festivities. Butler pantries and additional prep areas have become increasingly essential features for clients. Our kitchen designs prioritize functionality during entertaining, putting the spotlight on design schemes that create a tidy and organized space. Discover the joy of a clutter-free kitchen!

Design by Rob Diaz

Not literally back-of-house but rather back-to-back kitchens, this example depict the intention perfectly. We’d probably finish it off with a roller shade to better hide the mess in the “dirty” kitchen or install reeded glass panels to separate the two spaces.


If you’d like to read more about kitchen design trends, general kitchen design, and the process of home remodeling and kitchen renovation, we have a few other suggestions for you that might offer guidance. To connect with us to discuss your kitchen renovation or other interior design project in the Sacramento Area and beyond, you can either schedule a call or complete our contact form if you prefer email as your first step to a more beautiful home.


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Kitchen design trends are ever-evolving, with shifts from eye-catching statement pieces to minimalist modern aesthetics that blend functionality with flair. Keeping pace with these trends while prioritizing features that embody practicality, timelessness, and an enhanced user experience is a daily endeavor for us as interior designers. This blog post delves into twelve kitchen design trends that promise longevity beyond 2023. We’ll examine their enduring appeal and offer advice on integrating them into your space effectively, ensuring your kitchen remodel leaves a lasting impression and fosters an ideal culinary setting.