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4 Creative Ways to Hide Your TV

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Apr 10, 2024

In this blog post, we delve into inventive ways to discreetly conceal your television, transforming it into an art form that intricately balances functionality and aesthetics. Our exploration encompasses four creative approaches that surpass conventional methods. From integrating artistic paneling, which not only conceals but also becomes a captivating focal point, to exploring the modern sophistication of automated pop-up cabinets, these inventive ideas redefine the integration of technology into our living spaces. The key lies in achieving a delicate equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that the hidden TV solutions seamlessly align with the overall luxury interior design of the space.

1. Camouflaging Your TV in Plain Sight

Invisible tech is not about hiding the TV; it’s about elevating the entire design concept. Camouflaging your TV in plain sight becomes an art form, where technology becomes a silent partner in the symphony of your interior space. It’s a journey into the future of design, where innovation seamlessly coexists with aesthetics, ensuring that your living space is a testament to both style and functionality.

The Samsung Frame TV is a great multifunctional addition to your living room, combining style with functionality.

interior Design firm: designstate

a modern living room designed with a hidden TV
Interior design, living room modern Mediterranean.

Interior Design by Studiovlach

Hiding your TV with a picture frame brings a touch of aesthetic elegance and practicality to your living space.Encase the TV in a stylish frame to turn it into decor-enhancing art. This integration ensures a harmonious atmosphere, allowing the TV to merge effortlessly with other design elements. The versatility of picture frame TVs lets you customize the appearance, matching frames to your personal style. Beyond aesthetics, this approach conceals technology discreetly when not in use, contributing to a clean and clutter-free environment. The frame serves as both decor and a functional TV, offering flexibility in space use. Hiding your TV with a picture frame blends style and functionality in your home.

Transparent Technologies

Hiding your TV through transparent technologies is a modern strategy that smoothly incorporates technology into today’s living spaces. Screens like OLED blend seamlessly with their surroundings when turned off, offering dynamic visibility that adapts to various occasions. The minimalistic aesthetics of transparent technologies contribute to clutter-free spaces, enhancing a sleek and uncluttered atmosphere. Adjustable opacity allows for a personalized balance between displaying the TV’s visuals and discreetly concealing it, catering to individual design preferences. This forward-thinking solution reflects an evolution in interior design, providing functionality alongside a sophisticated aesthetic.

2. Transform Your TV into a Focal Point …

Do not hesitate to let your TV console become the focal point of your space! Embrace creativity by incorporating organic shapes and bold materials, bringing both interest and functionality to the forefront. The allure reveals itself not just in the visible elements but in the smooth integration of the concealed features. Hiding a TV within cabinets that radiate the essence of carefully curated masterpieces will have your guest in awe.

Custom burl wood cabinetry as a bold interior design choice to hide the TV. Blue cabinets and neutral wall paper.
Custom burl wood cabinetry, juxtaposition interior design. Blue cabinets and neutral wall paper. Modern sconce

interior photography by Alexandra Pappas and Tatyana Miron

At our interior design firm we believe that your TV console should not only serve as a functional piece of everyday life but we want to embrace the possibility to create a statement piece in your home. We understand the importance of designing a space that reflects your personal style and adds character to your living area. We love to incorporate the request of concealing the TV and create an impactful design statement in the process. After all, who wants to see black screen in the center of the room?!

One of our signature elements and favorite design tip is incorporating organic shapes into our designs. These natural curves and angles bring an interesting visual element to the console while also making it stand out from traditional rectangular consoles. Our use of mixed materials such as metal, glass, and wood can also adds depth and texture to the overall design.

Interior Architecture and Interior Design through an artistic custom TV Cabinet
Custom organic modern plumb red Cabinetry,

TOP NYC interior designer: Studio Giancarlo Valle

Modern mediterranean  Living room. Lime wash walls, living room furniture

Living Room by New York interior design studio LP Creative

3. Surround the Cabinet With Paneling

In the realm of luxury interior design, the challenge often lies in marrying modern technology with timeless elegance. How does one tastefully conceal a TV without compromising the overall aesthetic? The answer lies in the meticulous craftsmanship of customized cabinetry—where every detail is curated to create a discreet yet stunning solution.

An insider tip from our interior designer suggests that customizing your cabinets can truly transform your space. Specifically creating a designated area for your TV can alleviate the stress of figuring out where and how to position it without compromising your home’s aesthetic appeal.

design source houseobsessed

Concealing Your TV and Art with Hinged Mounts

If you have a larger TV or are considering upgrading to one but desire a discreet way to integrate it into your space, consider utilizing a cupboard solution like the one demonstrated. For instance, incorporating Soss hinges, as showcased in the accompanying video, can provide an elegant solution. These hinges boast a sleek appearance and open a full 180 degrees, offering optimal accessibility. Unlike regular kitchen hinges, Soss hinges are installed within door edges and adjacent panels, requiring sacrificing surrounding cupboards for a seamless look.

Interior Design Tips, Creative Ways to conceal your t.v, modern living room , glass square coffee table

Home by LA INterior design firm: golden

Modern Design, Custom furniture, textiles and patterns to create a cohesive space

Always an Inspiration: interior designer Gillian Segal

Fireplace of my dreams by interior designer Jake Arnold

luxury interior design in Sag Harbor, Hamptons, wood panels, modern fireplace, accent chair

A dreamy hamptons home by interior designer carlyledesigns

Modern Home,  Custom, T.V panel. large wood beams, hacienda look and feel

interior Architecture and design by ECRU Studio

interior Architecture and design by Amy Meier Studio

create something extra special by adding details on the panels

Integrate the TV into a stunning paneling design that doubles as an art installation. When not in use, the TV is concealed behind the panel, serving as a focal point that enhances both function and aesthetics in the space.

Using custom paneling to conceal your TV is a practical and stylish interior design solution. These panels allow for artistic integration, turning the TV into a hidden masterpiece that’s a focal point. Matching the paneling with existing elements ensures a cohesive look, while multi-functional designs offer extra storage. Concealed sliding mechanisms add dynamism, creating an effective hiding solution. Seamless integration with furniture gives a sophisticated, unified appearance, blending technology seamlessly into your home design.

Custom sliding TV sliding screen. Living room indoor-outdoors . Square Textured  coffee table. Custom accent  chairs. Checkered rug

interior design studio Arent & Pyke

Modern Living room, neutral warm hue fabrics and materials, custom cabinets to hide your TV

Top interior designer: hutch studio

Contemporary modern Residential , marble walls and sheer taupe curtains, Grey custom cabinets to hide your television
Marble living room wall Slab, linen curtains, grey custom living room cabinets

interior design studio  CJH Studio

4. A projector descends when needed

Concealing your television in the ceiling, where it rolls down, offers a smart way to integrate entertainment into your space while maintaining a sleek design. This approach lets you enjoy your TV without it dominating the room when not in use.

Modern Living Room, Projector as TV

interior design Alina Berezovetskaya

This setup also allows for a projector to be integrated, providing a versatile entertainment solution. Both the television screen and projector retract into the ceiling, maximizing floor space and keeping the environment clutter-free. This is especially useful in rooms where space is limited or a minimalist aesthetic is preferred.

The beauty of this design lies in its ability to effortlessly transform the room. With the touch of a button or remote, the television screen or projector descends from the ceiling, ready to provide immersive entertainment. Once done, they retract back into the ceiling, leaving a clean and uncluttered space.

This setup enables flexible room layout and design. With the television and projector hidden when not in use, you can freely arrange furniture and décor without being restricted by large screens or projectors.

Modern Living Room , Built in oak bookshelves, low custom living room sectional, linen curtains . Television projector

interior design source Julia Artukh 

To Conclude Our Tips on Hiding a TV ……

In conclusion, concealing your television can elevate the aesthetic of your living space and contribute to a harmonious design. At our interior design studio, we specialize in transforming spaces by implementing creative and functional solutions. Let us collaborate with you to craft a space where style meets functionality, ensuring that your TV becomes a discreet element within the overall design narrative. Discover the possibilities with our expertise and let your home reflect both your taste and a commitment to thoughtful interior design. Reach out to our interior design firm, and let the journey to a beautifully concealed TV begin.

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Hiding your TV needn’t involve bulky cabinets or complex installations. These four creative methods make it easy to blend your TV into your home decor, keeping it out of sight when not in use. Give one of these ideas a try to enhance both the style and functionality of your living space. Yes, interior design is all about solving today’s (first world) problems.