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luxury kitchen design with a La Cornue Chateau gas range by Granite Bay interior designer

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Induction Cooktops

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Feb 18, 2024


As the world leans into more eco-conscious living—from thrifted fashion to electric vehicles—our homes are not far behind. Among these shifts, induction cooktops emerge as a game-changer in the kitchen, merging sustainability with cutting-edge cooking technology. Let’s demystify induction cooking, showcasing its benefits over traditional methods, and guide you through the transition, from selecting the right cookware to navigating the perks and pitfalls of making the switch.

The Shift Towards Sustainability

– A General Theme in the Interior Design World of the Future –

Induction cooktops differ significantly from electric cooktops. Instead of heating a glass cooktop, induction uses electromagnetic technology to heat and cook food directly in metallic pans. The magnets “excite” the pans, essentially turning the pans into the burners, rather than the cooktop. This method enhances safety since the cooktop itself doesn’t get hot, eliminating the risk of burns as well as fumes like the ones emitted form gas burners. Moreover, it is energy-efficient as no heat is wasted.

Induction cooking options include single burners, cooktops with multiple induction heating zones, and ranges with integrated induction cooktops and electric ovens. Some manufacturers like Thermador, Signature Kitchen Suite, and Fisher & Paykel offer dual fuel stovetops and ranges with both induction and gas burners. Gaggenau, one of our most favorite appliance manufacturers in the realm of high-end interior design, make cooking modules that allow you to customize your cooking experience with a selection of both induction and gas cooking modules.

La Corn

photo by  la cornue

Why the Transition from Gas to Induction?

Since 2019, the California state government has actively worked to reduce fossil fuel usage, explicitly discouraging natural gas appliance installations in new construction homes due to climate change concerns. Comparable initiatives are being considered in various regions, with incentives and rebates encouraging homeowners to switch to electric alternatives. Despite opposition from the fossil fuel industry, the shift away from gas is expected to persist and expand, influencing not only appliances but also extending to vehicles and heating alternatives.

Don’t fret though, a traditional gas range such as the above picture La Cornue Chateau with gas burners and a large French plate are already available as full induction version. You will not have to compromise on the look of a vintage classic range. We love modern kitchens but some home styles like a Mediterranean house style that is very popular around many areas in California, lend themselves to a 48″ or even 60″ traditional range unit. Those ranges simply look stunning and oftentimes are the anchor for our kitchen designs. Some of these choices are not always obvious or available in a kitchen showroom near you, which is why having a great interior designer in your corner really pays off to guide you with these kind of investments.

Kitchen Renovation - Marble backsplash and wall storage. induction
A combination of induction and gas burners in your kitchen. Marble Counter top kitchen with wood kitchen cabinets

– Using a combination of induction and gas burners in your kitchen –

Interior Design by McCroskey Interiors

Advantages of Induction Cooktops

As interior designers, understanding how you cook and what your priorities are for your new kitchen as well as emphasizing the benefits of certain kitchen appliances is a major point of discussion with our clients. There are many factors that play into the selection of appliances that fit your needs. Below, we’re highlighting a few advantages of induction cooktops. These include their energy efficiency, safety features, and sleek design that seamlessly integrates into the interior design aspects of today’s modern kitchens.

Safety First

Induction cooking, much like electric cooking, offers the advantage of being flameless. Consequently, this reduces the risk of kitchen fires, skin burns, and inhalation of excess smoke and fumes; hence, promoting a safer cooking environment overall. For instance, the Samsung model Hosken emits a beep when a pan is removed from the stovetop and automatically shuts off after several minutes of inactivity—an added safety feature commonly found in induction cooktops, providing peace of mind. No need to turn the car around just to make sure you turned off all the burners!

Precision Cooking

Precision cooking on induction stoves provides a controlled and efficient culinary experience with instant and precise heat adjustments. The direct heating of cookware through the electromagnetic field ensures accurate temperature control. These cooktops are ideal for delicate tasks, minimizing the risk of overcooking or burning. Advanced features like precise timers and temperature presets, along with automatic sensors, enhance the precision cooking experience. This fine-tuned control empowers chefs and home cooks to achieve reliable results consistently, adding efficiency and reliability to the kitchen.

Custom built kitchen island. Kitchen wood cabinets . La cornue induction stove top. Architectural Kitchen details  on wall and fixtures.

kitchen Design as well as overal Interior Design for this beautiful home remodel by Handelsmann + Khaw

Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Induction stoves are both efficient and eco-friendly, standing out for their direct transfer of electromagnetic energy to cookware, leading to faster heating and precise temperature control. Their instant response to heat adjustments reduces energy consumption, making them more efficient than traditional cooktops. Induction stoves contribute to sustainability by minimizing energy waste, aligning with the demand for environmentally conscious appliances. Additionally, they often feature energy-saving functions, reinforcing their role in creating a greener kitchen environment. Overall, induction cooktops offer a sustainable and energy-conscious solution for modern households. That’s a huge plus point for homeowners and your interior designer will surely point this out.

Air Quality Improvement

Induction stoves enhance air quality by eliminating emissions, minimizing particulate matter, and sidestepping combustion byproducts commonly linked to traditional gas stoves. Their flameless design not only ensures a healthier cooking space by keeping surfaces cooler but also prevents the release of harmful gases. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of induction stoves indirectly promotes cleaner air by reducing the environmental impact of power generation. In our holistic approach to interior design, prioritizing a healthier home environment is underscored by the elimination of combustion gases through induction cooking.

Simplified Cleaning

Cleaning an induction cooktop is effortless due to its cool surface, flameless operation, quick cleanup response, ability to accommodate non-heat-safe items, and the overall reduction in cleaning time. These features collectively make it a convenient and user-friendly option for maintaining a tidy kitchen.

Curved range details. Marble backsplash with white plaster range. Stainless Steel induction stove top.

Interior design by AO/JN INTERIORS

Custom Luxury modern  kitchen cabinets in a dark wood wood finish. Induction stove top.

Kitchen Cabinetry by De Maatwerker

Disadvantages of Induction Cooktops

Grey kitchen island featuring architectural details and custom glass fluted sliding doors leading to a kitchen pantry.

Interior Designer for Above Kitchen: Handelsmann + Khaw

One of the primary challenges of transitioning to induction cooking stems not from the technology itself but from the adjustments it necessitates in our cooking routines and habits. Many of the perceived disadvantages of induction cooktops, such as the need for compatible cookware or adapting to faster cooking times, are essentially about breaking old habits and embracing new practices. This change can initially feel daunting, as it requires a shift in how we approach cooking—from the types of pots and pans we use to the methods we employ to achieve the perfect sear or simmer. However, once these new routines are established, the benefits of induction cooking, including its efficiency and precision, often outweigh the initial inconvenience of adapting to a different way of preparing our meals.

Higher price point

The notable drawback of induction cooktops lies in their relatively high entry price, which can be considered a significant disadvantage for potential buyers. Despite the increasing popularity of these modern kitchen appliances, their initial cost tends to surpass that of low-end gas or electric alternatives. Even the least expensive induction cooktops are priced around $1,000, making them a comparatively more substantial investment. This higher entry price can pose a barrier for budget-conscious consumers or those hesitant to commit to the added expense of upgrading to induction technology. Moreover, there will be additional installation costs necessary, such as adjustments to electrical wiring or the need to replace existing cookware with induction-compatible sets.

If you are not looking for low-end appliances but quality products, there won’t be a significant price difference between gas and induction options. In the long run, you will save money as natural gas will become more and more expensive to run.

Green-grained wood cabinets complement brick detailing and a wooden ceiling. Grey marble countertops contrast with dark floors, while a sleek black induction stove top adds a modern touch.

Interior Designer: Clare Cousins Architects


One thing to keep in mind about induction stoves is that their sleek glass surfaces, while beautiful, can be a bit delicate. It rarely happens, but the glass does make them a tad more susceptible to scratches, especially around the edges depending on the style of cooktop you go for. If you want to ensure your kitchen stays looking its best, opting for a model with a metal frame might just be a smart move. They’re still super durable, but it’s worth considering if you’re someone who loves keeping your kitchen looking pristine.

Navigating the Learning Curve

As mentioned in the beginning of this section, cooking with an induction stovetop introduces a learning curve, primarily attributed to its rapid heating capabilities. The swift and precise temperature adjustments may require a new cooking rhythm, asking you to adapt to new cooking routines and techniques. One notable aspect is the instant turn-off feature when pans are removed from the cooktop, which, while efficient, can be an adjustment for those accustomed to traditional stoves. This characteristic, initially perceived as a challenge, will eventually become a familiar aspect of your cooking process, highlighting the need to adjust to the unique features of induction technology.

installation of Your New Induction Range or Cooktop

Transitioning from a gas stove to an induction one involves careful planning and additional expenses related to professional services. If you’re contemplating this switch, scheduling both a plumber and an electrician is essential. The plumber’s role includes capping or fully disconnecting the gas line. On the electrical front, the installation of an induction stove requires a dedicated 220-volt outlet protected by 40-50 amp breakers. An electrician is crucial to ensure that the outlet behind your stove and the overall kitchen circuit can support the new induction cooktop or range.

What type of Cooking ware will You need ?

Induction cooktops come with a little quirk: they need your pots and pans to be a bit magnetic to do their magic. We’re talking about the real-deal metals here—like cast iron, enameled cast iron, and stainless steel, all of which get along famously with induction. On the flip side, cookware made from aluminum, aluminum-clad, copper, or copper-clad won’t make the cut because they don’t cozy up to the heat or the magnet quite the same way. No worries though, many beloved brands such as Caraway, Green Pan, AllClad, and LeCreuset offer collections that are perfectly induction-ready.

If you’re playing a guessing game with your cookware’s compatibility, here’s a little trick: snag a magnet and see if it takes a liking to your pot or pan. If it sticks, you’re in business for some induction cooking fun.

Stainless steel induction cook top. Stainless steel is a versatile material and it looks great with the marble kitchen tile and white kitchen cabinets that an interior designer put together

Interior design by Montana Labelle

Custom built kitchen- Custom range with a black and stainless steel la cornue stove.

Kitchen design by  Oliver Freundlich Design

(NYC interior designer)

Wait for it … we saved the coolest induction cooking option for last!!

Infinity – The Invisible Induction Cooktop

Imagine a countertop that doubles as your cooking surface. It almost seems like something out of a James Bond movie, doesn’t it? Yet, this is not the stuff of spy films—it’s actual, cutting-edge reality! My interior designer’s heart just skipped a beat while imagining the possibilities.

By installing an induction hob right beneath your kitchen countertop, you can heat your cookware directly through the surface. This clever use of technology not only introduces a highly functional cooking area but also blends it seamlessly with elegant design. It’s a fusion of practicality and luxury, transforming your kitchen into a space where cooking becomes an integrated part of the design aesthetic. If you want a modern kitchen design, this is what your dreams are made of. Please contact our interior design studio to explore options. Here’s a link to view some more details on this futuristic cooking technology: the invisible cooktop.

Marble counter top integrated with an invisible induction cooktop. This is a futuristic cooking technology that you might want to include in your next kitchen renovation

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In interior design and other industries alike, sustainability is paramount. From recycled fashion to electric cars, our living spaces and especially kitchens is evolving. Induction cooktops stand at the forefront of this transformation, blending eco-friendliness with modern culinary technology. This guide aims to clarify induction cooking, highlighting its advantages over conventional methods, and provides insights into making the switch smoothly, including choosing suitable cookware and understanding the benefits and challenges involved.

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