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Important Considerations to Select Outdoor Furniture

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Jul 6, 2024

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Want to turn your backyard or patio into a personal oasis? From bar stools and grills to lounge chairs and umbrellas, the best outdoor furniture stores offer everything you need to transform an ordinary outdoor space into an alfresco paradise.

Whether you’re hosting friends or just relaxing and enjoying some fresh air, a comfortable space makes all the difference. But choosing the right outdoor furniture can be overwhelming. We put our heads together, dug deep into our years of interior design experience, and compiled a few tips to simplify the process of outdoor furniture selections for you below.

When in doubt and stuck with decision fatigue, please feel free to contact us for a design consultation. We can get a lot done in a couple of hours if you come well prepared or we can discuss our full-service interior design process, which can be taken outside :)

outdoor loungers

Outdoor loungers are the epitome of relaxation and luxury in any exterior setting – no matter if you have a pool or not. If you’re looking to create a serene backyard retreat, a stylish patio, or a cozy poolside spot, the right lounger can make all the difference. Classic chaise lounges blend comfort and elegance with adjustable backs and cushioned seating, perfect for any space. For a touch of luxury, daybeds and sunbeds, some with canopies, offer a private oasis for napping, reading, or sunbathing. Additionally, hammock loungers, combining the comfort of a hammock with the support of a lounger, offer a unique and soothing experience.

When selecting materials, consider options like wood, metal, and wicker. Wooden loungers made from teak or eucalyptus add a natural, warm aesthetic and are weather-resistant, though they require regular maintenance.

Aluminum and wrought iron loungers are sturdy and long-lasting. Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant, while wrought iron provides a classic aesthetic. Synthetic wicker loungers are durable and weather-resistant, ideal for a relaxed atmosphere. Choose UV-resistant, waterproof outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella, known for durability and color options.

outdoor upholstered  lounge chairs , vintage outdoor green umbrella , low table

outdoor furniture & accessories soho home

Functionality is Key in Outdoor Loungers

Choose adjustable backs and and maybe even footrests to suit various seating preferences. Additionally, opt for weather-resistant cushions for comfort and support. Lightweight loungers are perfect for easy portability in your outdoor space.

Placement is crucial for maximizing comfort and relaxation.

Firstly, position your loungers in sunny areas for sunbathing or in shaded spots for a cooler laid back experience. Additionally, ensure the view and orientation enhance the ambiance. Moreover, accessorize with side tables, outdoor rugs, and shade options like umbrellas or pergolas. Lastly, consider outdoor lighting to extend the usability of your lounging area into the evening. Choose loungers that complement your existing outdoor decor and landscape, whether you prefer a cohesive look or a mix-and-match approach, to promote a sense of harmony and relaxation.

Outdoor loungers are a fantastic addition to any exterior space. As an extension of the interior design aesthetic inside your home, outdoor furniture such as loungers and chaises offer the opportunity to add comfort, style, and versatility to the additional square footage in your backyard. By selecting the right style, materials, and features, you can create an inviting outdoor retreat that serves as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re unwinding with a book, enjoying a conversation with friends, or simply soaking up the sun, a well-chosen lounger can enhance your outdoor living experience.

Outdoor furniture, white and blue umbrella, double chaise , white linen on whicker base , outdoor side table

Picture Source: Serena & Lily

Outdoor sofas and accent chairs

Sofas are not only functional but also add a personal touch to any garden and backyard. It’s again an opportunity to extend your interior design aesthetic to the outside. As such, sofas and chairs are essential for any outdoor living area. Make sure to select durable construction and versatile design to ensure a long-lasting investment. Today’s market offers a plethora of inviting outdoor furniture; so, rest assured that you have many options for every size and style of outdoor space.

Outdoor Sofas and Sectionals:

Outdoor sofas and sectionals offer ample seating and can be arranged in various configurations to fit your space. Moreover, made from durable, weather-resistant materials like wicker, aluminum, and teak, these sectionals are designed to withstand the elements. Additionally, with plush, weather-resistant cushions, outdoor sofas can provide the comfort of indoor furniture, making them perfect for lounging, entertaining, or simply relaxing. Furthermore, their modular nature allows for flexibility, enabling you to expand or rearrange the seating as needed.

Outdoor Chairs:

Outdoor chairs come in a wide range of styles and materials, from classic wooden Adirondack chairs to sleek metal designs. They are essential for creating individual seating areas, whether around a fire pit, by the pool, or as part of a dining set. When selecting outdoor upholstery, make sure that the cushions have weather-resistant fabrics in order for them to remain inviting and durable throughout the seasons. Additionally, rocking chairs, reclining loungers, and stackable options add to the versatility, thereby allowing you to create a space that suits your lifestyle.

Both outdoor sofas and chairs can be complemented with accessories like side tables, outdoor rugs, and lighting to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor space. By incorporating these elements, you can create a welcoming and stylish environment perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

modern outdoor furniture from Soho home , green accent pillows round outdoor coffee table

outdoor sofa, coffee table & accessories SOHO HOME

Stripped blue and white upholstery back, beige seating , wood arm .

photography Patrik Argast

outdoor patio furniture, light oak accent chairs and sofa. Outdoor fireplace

photo source elsie green

outdoor furniture, coffee table , accent chairs, fireplace design

Photograph Joe Fletcher

outdoor kitchen essentials

Outdoor kitchen essentials can transform your backyard into a versatile and enjoyable cooking area. A high-quality grill or barbecue is a must-have, especially for those who love to host. It allows you to prepare delicious meals while socializing with guests. Complementing your grill with essential tools like tongs, spatulas, and a meat thermometer is a much welcomed luxury for everyone who wants to cook with precision.

An outdoor pizza oven is another fantastic addition, perfect for making artisanal pizzas and adding a fun, interactive element to your gatherings. This can be a focal point of your outdoor kitchen, delighting guests with freshly baked pizzas. Also, we love how having an outdoor pizza oven engages kids to participate in the cooking activities.

A sturdy, weather-resistant prep table provides ample space for food preparation, while built-in storage solutions keep your utensils and ingredients organized and within easy reach. Outdoor sinks and mini-fridges add convenience, making cleanup easy and keeping your ingredients fresh – something we always need to consider during the sweltering California summers in Sacramento.

Ambient lighting and weather-resistant speakers can set the perfect mood for evening gatherings, enhancing the overall outdoor experience. With these essentials, including a BBQ and a pizza oven, you can create a fully functional and inviting outdoor kitchen that is perfect for hosting and enjoying outdoor living to the fullest.

Modern outdoor kitchen, bbq area with pizza oven on custom made outdoor counters

The Novagratzs

dining tables

Outdoor dining tables are essential for creating inviting and functional dining spaces in your patio, garden, or deck. Crafted from durable materials like teak, aluminum, and weather-resistant wicker, these tables are built to withstand the elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor dining tables come in different styles and sizes to suit any space, from small balconies to large outdoor areas. Many designs have extendable sections for more guests and umbrella holes for shade. Pairing with comfy chairs creates a perfect setup for casual meals or gatherings. Accessories like outdoor rugs and lighting can further enhance the dining experience, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Outdoor dining tables combine durability, functionality, and style; thereby, making them a valuable addition to any outdoor living space. They oftentimes serve as an anchor for outdoor spaces – the perfect setting for enjoying meals and making memories with family and friends.

modern outdoor dining set, Oak wood dining table and chairs with linen cushion

dining table and dining chairs CB2

Need some Summer Inspiration for your Backyard?

Our Go-To Summer Accessories

You’ll find an interior design mood board below.

  • Oak Wood Towel Holder from CB2: Stylish and practical for poolside organization.
  • Pickleball Rackets: Perfect for fun outdoor games.
  • Planters: Add greenery and vibrancy to your patio or garden.
  • Modern Hose: Functional and sleek for all your watering needs.
  • Loungers: Comfortable and adjustable for ultimate relaxation.
  • Umbrellas: Provide shade and style, keeping you cool and protected.
outdoor essentials, outdoor planter, hose, towel holder, outdoor dining table

outdoor essential accessories cb2

To wrap up our thoughts

Outdoor furniture is an essential aspect of creating a comfortable and inviting backyard space. Whether you enjoy hosting gatherings or simply love spending time outdoors, having the right pieces can enhance your outdoor experience. A interior designers and homeowners alike, we’re always looking for comfort and style. Finding both well balanced can be a challenge and takes a lot of research as well as trial and error. Through years of experience in the design industry, we guide our clients in Sacramento and elsewhere to buy quality that fits their lifestyle and helps them create an outdoor haven at home.

From lounge chairs to dining sets, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to outdoor furniture. It’s important to consider factors such as strength style, and functionality when selecting pieces for your backyard. Investing in high-quality outdoor furniture not only elevates the aesthetic of your space but also ensures long-term use and enjoyment on those warm summer days. With the perfect outdoor furniture, you can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come.

Moreover, don’t underestimate the importance of a guarantee when it comes to outdoor furniture, as it can take a beating from the elements. Have a plan in mind. Consider how you want people to move through the space, and choose furniture that supports that vision. For instance, a large dining table might not be ideal if you imagine small groups talking outside after a big dinner.



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Would you like to read more about interior design trends, kitchen design, and the process of custom home building and home remodeling? Below we have a few suggestions for you that might offer guidance and inspiration. If you’re lookign for an interior designer who takes on the task of furniture selections, give us a call. We also specialize in material selections and procurement for custom homes.

Sacramento interior designer specializing in Modern Mediterranean homes in El Dorado Hills. Staircase entry with oak wood stairs and white plaster handrails . Blue linen day bed

Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

Modern Mediterranean interior design merges traditional charm with modern sophistication. This style emphasizes open spaces, natural materials, and a neutral color palette with colorful accents. Key features include custom millwork, artisanal pieces, and personalized touches that create a unique, sustainable, and functional living environment. This design philosophy respects cultural heritage while accommodating modern lifestyles, ultimately offering a well balanced and inviting home aesthetic.

St Helena winery tasting room designed to relax and enjoy good company among friends and family. top hospitality design that takes interior design a step beyond.

Interior Design Inspired By Local Wineries

Wineries, renowned for their distinct ambiance, can serve as intriguing sources of inspiration for interior design. There are many wineries throughout Northern California inviting you to be inspired. As experienced interior designers we like to translate our inspiration into tangible elements. The local wineries surrounding the Sacramento Area are not just places to relax and sip a glass. Moreover, they are places that serve as showrooms for furniture, lighting, and architectural details to inspire our interior design process.

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7 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer

When you hire an interior designer, thoughtful deliberation is crucial. Homeowners often underestimate the intricacies involved in interior design and/or renovation projects. We find that owners seek assistance most when they are already feeling overwhelmed. Instead we recommend to involve us early in the home building or renovation process. This approach can help alleviate the stress of your design project, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for you

Transform your backyard into an alfresco paradise with the right outdoor furniture, from umbrellas to loungers and outdoor sofas. We offer inspired interior design and space planning and are super excited that summer nights are here to be enjoyed with family and friends. We want to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Come check out various outdoor furniture with us, even kitchen essentials like grills and pizza ovens.

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